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  1. Today I got a message on my instagram account from True Clean, a roof cleaning company put of West Palm Beach. They stated that they have "zero pressure" federally trademarked and told me to remove all references of it from my photos or they will have lawyers serve paperwork. I'm not going to comply, and I'll wait on the legal papers, but this is beyond ridiculous. They trademarked it in March of this year and I (and all of us) have been using "zero pressure" as a descriptive term for many years now. There is a good chance they can't defend their trademark in court since it is a generic and descriptive term, and if it really came down to it, someone could go further and have their trademark invalidated. I'm just giving you guys a head's up and you may want to spread the word on social media. Enough negative attention and these patent trolls may just pull their heads out of their asses.
  2. Looks great man. Nothing better than a functional efficient rig. Hard work pays off.
  3. Lol I bet man. I have to say we have doubled our income this year already and a majority of it is from expanding with the roof cleaning. It definitely has a market around here and we aren't even putting a dent in the dirt roofs around Polk County . Most of our roofs are shingle roofs and anywhere from 2000 sq ft to 3000 Sq ft . Which is fine with me at the moment due to the fact that we need to upgrade a few things to accommodate some bigger roofs and what not. Chris we still need to get together and have lunch one day. Maybe when the season slows up a little.
  4. Haven't gone anywhere just been busy haven't posted in a while lol. But I'm not complaining that's for sure. Hope everyone is staying hydrated, good lord it's hot out there. Especially on a roof top. Looks like everyone is doing well and staying busy and I'm happy to see that.
  5. It has been a while since we have posted on here. How is our fellow roof cleaners doing this year? Hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Thanks guys. Now that the holidays are over its time to get back to work. Ready for some more roofs.
  7. Chris, We probably rinsed more like the bottom half of the roof lol. It was our first tile roof so we were taking precautions. But I was happy with it and I'm not easy to please . The owner was even happier so it turned out good. Thank you for that last minute advice over the phone man. Your input is always greatly appreciated.
  8. About 3400sf. It was a bright 85 degree day. Tile roof kinda had us worried, but it came out great. Luckily it was easy to walk and a 40% mix did really well on the tiles. The only trouble areas were the grouted ridge caps.
  9. All the above advice is great and I would take it all in and go about it the best way it works for you. However we are new to the "roof cleaning" and what we did was buy the pump in a box setup from Bob at pressuretek.com . It comes with a 5.6 gpm dc electric pump already wired up in a box with a second box for a battery, 200 ft of poly hose and most of all the hardware to plumb it. All you have to do is buy a stainless hose reel , a battery and a chemical tank. Its certainly not the best thing on the market but its inexpensive and it gets you on the roofs and making money. There is always opportunity for upgrades . But atleast that gets you started and allows you to see for yourself what further steps you want to take to upgrade. That's what we are doing anyway .
  10. Chris our Titan hose is stainless manifold.and has a pvc core that the hose rolls up on. Our local dealer ordered it from Titan this way.
  11. Yeah they got their panties in a wad didnt they? But you know if the competition wants to spend money on the miracle juice then at that point they are either pricing jobs higher to accomidate that stuff into the cost of the job. Or they arent bringing home as much profit. Doesnt seem like much but every little bit counts. We will continue to show up clean roofs the way we have been taught from people that have years of hard evidence experience. Not trying to toot Chris's horn to much . lol but the man washes roofs everyday in Tampa with million dollar homes all over the place with very expensive landscaping. He's been in the business how long? We work full time for a multi-billion dollar company . That is debt free and turning billion dollar profits every year. I watch them take the easy cheapest route daily on things and still keep customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list with very few complaints. My point is you show up you wash the roof you use the hell out of the free water that is there and go home with the same results as the other guy buying into the fertilizer. Except you bring home more money because your not out spending money on experiments. lol This forum is great . I really enjoy you guys on here and it feels like family. Im not losing any sleep over the PWI guys that started their period about the matter.
  12. I don't fault the guy for finding a niche and making money. However; I'm a hardline skeptic. If you tell me something is true, or works or exists, you had better have proof to back it up. Not "I think" or "My buddy says" or "I'm not real sure." I want hard evidence before I spend my money on something that logically just doesn't make any sense. We are inundated with products constantly that make all kinds of claims and cures, and a good number of them (in ANY market) are 100% bogus. I really didn't mean to start a "war" over this product, but here's what was funny to me; If you can provide proof that something works, you won't get bent out of shape when people question it.
  13. We would attend that school !! Got my vote for "Apple Roof Cleaning Educational Class" .
  14. lol we joined in on this topic on PWI forum and simply asked for facts and we were quickly chewed out for that. apparently they didnt have true facts or wanted to only believe that the miracle juice would save plants. I finally sat back and laughed. Why not tarp off sensitive plants and grass and flood the chit out of everything. It takes a little more time but your already there and its cheaper then buying miracle potion to try and save plants. I think whats happening it the guys and watering the plants correctly or half ass corectly during the roof wash process. Then when done and they have already soaked the plants they hit it with the juice and come back weeks later and the plants are greener . Well yeah if you take a perfectly good plant ( which is only good because you watered like you were suppose to during process) and spray fertilizer on them they will be greener. At that point your just helping the lawn guy. I show up to clean roofs and exteriors not put money in the lawn guys pocket . lol Sorry to vent out on this lol but Im with you Chris im not buying into the crap.
  15. Chris we will become a premium member soon. You have our word. Yea Richard we didnt want any fittings on the chemical tanks other then up top. Didnt want chemical corrosion to the seals and leaks on our rig. I hate leaks. We did all the fabricating ourselves . Our SH supplier allows us to pull right up to the fill stations and pump the SH straight into the tanks. He has large hoses for the big tanks and smaller hoses for 2.5 gal jugs and what not. We are soon to be buying probably 2 more pumps. One for left over chemical transfer and one for a spare pump for when the roof pump takes a crap.
  16. We have been asked to give prices on a couple of metal roofs. (Residential) One customer said that a local company, one of the most popular roof cleaners here in my town, said that they do not clean metal roofs. Does this guy know something we don't, and is avoiding issues that metal roofs present that shingle/tile do not? So what ratios and mixes are you guys using on metal roofs? Should I be worried about fading a colored metal roof with a typical roof mix? Let's get some more info on this forum!
  17. Nah, down here we really don't have a 'season.' Mold grows year-round! We've been using it for a few weeks now. We had to put jobs on hold while we swapped all of our equipment over to the new rig and re-plumbed everything. We are attaching a ladder rack soon. Just have to get some free time. The big tank is a 200 gal buffer tank for pressure washing. It looks a lot bigger because we have it sitting up on a 10" stand to help gravity feed the pressure washers' pumps. Smaller 110 gal tank is our roof tank. The 2 black boxes are the pump-in-a-box system and 12v battery from Bob at PressureTek. Stainless reel with 200' of poly hose. The other reels are the supply hose (red) for the 200 gal tank and then 2 high pressure reels from our washers. We're in the middle of the state. Hurricanes aren't really that much of an issue. I've lived here my whole life (34 years) and the most damage I've had was power outages. The signs are one big sticker that our graphics company sticks to a composite backing. The material is a plastic composite sandwiched between 2 aluminum skins. They're much more substantial than just a piece of sheet metal. We zipped them down with self-tapping screws. Racks are bolted down with 1/2" SS bolts and lock nuts. Below pic are the machines and plumbing. Small tank is our house-wash tank we drop our downstreamers into. Pic was before our Summit reel came in for our supply hose, so the Home Depot hose reel was still on.
  18. Richard, I'll get the address and pull it up on Google Earth. Google Earth let's you pull a line and shows you length. If you buy the upgrade, it gives you an area calculator. I just pull a length x width with the line tool and it's close enough.
  19. We just finished our upgrade to our 16' trailer. Painted the trailer, built the box on the front and racks for signs. Installed roof system/tank and SS reel. Upgraded to 3 new Summits for pressure washing. Running (2) 4gpm machines now, but upgrading one of them to an 8gpm soon.
  20. Yeah Richard. We have a lot of pools in the sunshine state. There is SH distributors on every corner and like every business down here they are cutting each others throats for business. Thanks Chris for that advice. I will definitely keep that in mind. However we did ask our SH provider how often they fill their tanks with fresh SH. They saod they get them filled twice a week. But like mentioned before its only 10.5% .
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