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    You will have to check your local laws about how much chemical you can carry. Until you can use a 55 gallon drum, but your SH in smaller amounts, and charge accordingly. I am sure people there would like a clean roof, but many dont know they can safely have one! That is your job now, to get a rig, and clean some roofs, and develop your local market.
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    There were a couple of clowns on one of those FB groups that mentioned ladders for house washing. I mentioned that we do 3+ stories from the ground and they scoffed. Rather than educate 'em, I just moved on. With little to no wind today, I saw the stream go easily 8-10' passed the gutter line on this 3 story home This was with a plain old 8GPM belt drive machine and a 'shooter tip' at the gun. No wand!. Can't wait until my custom made injector-bypass system is ready, then we'll get even more distance! You're not climbing ladders to house wash are you? :-)
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