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    The pump on your Skid will flat go away, unless you rinse it out as soon as you are done cleaning the roof, and even if you do, that pump is not one of the most reliable roof cleaning pumps! Welcome to the roof cleaning institute! Many of our members are over here, on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/ Please post this over there, for better response.
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    Chris will never steer you wrong when it comes to roof cleaning. He had these pumps, and they dumped on him when he needed warranty help. A lot of people in the industry are aware of the problems with these roof cleaning pumps, mostly because of his advocacy for something better and the other people who have had issues with them. I'm sorry people were bashing you on facebook. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has access to the internet now, and that is the result. Before smart phones, not everyone could get online, so things were much better then. Although you also had the results of many people being anonymous online. Anyway, back to the pumps. It's unfortunate they still tell people it's made for roof cleaning. Just take Chris's advice and keep it clean. At the same time, prepare for some upgrades/changes in your equipment to make life easier.
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    Your UDOR Pump is NOT "specially designed" for roof cleaning, I am sorry to say. I have one in my shed that quit on me, years ago. You are welcome to drive here to see it. The UDOR is a pump for pest control, tree and agricultural spraying, etc. The crooks at UDOR, who refused to honor my warranty on their UDOR Zeta Pump when it broke, got the bright idea to market the pump to our roof cleaning industry. All you have to do is look at what materials are used in it, to know there are much better materials to make a pump from. Nevertheless, it will last awhile, as long as you rinse it out RIGHT AWAY. The Diaphragms last awhile, Doubt you will need to worry about them. Glad you got new fittings made out of Polyproplyne ! Your old ones were NYLON, a big No NO for roof cleaning chemical use. Next, you either need a new tank, or move the bypass hose to the TOP of the tank. That Skid you bought looks like it was aimed at the Pest Control People. They seldom if ever fill their tanks all the way up, so a pump bypass on the side of the tank is no big deal.
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    Welcome Thomas. Funny, you have the same name of a roofing company we handle roof cleaning referrals for here in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a few roofers that we do work with or handle their roof cleaning referrals for.
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