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    Yes, I remember Michael ! If you remember, my ex girlfriend's name is Eileen O' Riordan. LOL, I called her Eileen O' Rear End. What a nice ass she has ! She is 100% Irish, and her family is from County Cork! I hope you are doing well in the roof and exterior business !
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    Me either Kirk. Originally, I am from Detroit, but Northern Michigan is full of Finns Work is pretty non existent up there, so many moved down to Detroit. Wally Koski, and Gary Karvonen were Finnish, and 2 of my very best friends. Their parents emigrated from Finland to Michigan, to work in the Copper Mines. For some unknown reason, people from Finland find me, and I find them Perhaps in a past life, I was a Viking ? I used to date Wally Koski's sister, who had white blonde hair, and big blue eyes. She was a true blonde, and blonde where it counts, if ya know what I mean. Don\t hesitate to call if you ever have any questions Kirk
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    Another fine job by Apple Roof Cleaning.
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