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  4. I paid $129 ten days ago and haven't been able to get in touch with anyone about certification. Please return my calls or respond to my emails. At this point, I feel like I donated $129 for nothing. Can anyone let me know how to get in touch please?
  5. Americans are hardly turned off to cattle — Merrill Lynch and Marlboro have focused ... Skelly and White, in a survey conducted for the American Meat Institute last ... America,. re. leaning. on. Pork. out pork roast, lamb chops, tenderloin, or any ... BY followers italy
  6. Roof Cleaning and De MossingJordan Riz2019-02-12T21:27:12+00:00 ... At Roof Resto we offer professional roof cleaning and de-mossing services to refresh the look of your roof and keep it protected. ... We specialise in roof cleaning in Melbourne and our expert team will pressure wash ... Call us today for a free quote. by followers australia
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  9. Here you can also check out the best way to clean gutters easily
  10. It is efflorescence. You need to use an efflorescence remover. I've struggled to find one that works great without scrubbing. Good thing is efflorescence goes away over time. Usually within two years.
  11. I'm sure many of you already buy your SH this way but I just started. For the past several years, I have been buying my SH by the case. The local pool supply shop gave me a great deal @ $10.50/ 4 gallon case of 12.5% SH. I just recently asked about 55 gallon drums. Not only is it 2/3 the cost, it is 17% SH so I use a lot less. I use a 275 gallon holding tank. I buy 5 drums at a time and unload them all into the tank using a transfer pump. That way I get my $50 deposit for each back the same day. Now instead of having to individually pour the SH in the mix gallon by gallon, I just pump out what I need. Much quicker, cleaner, and cheaper. Never go back.
  12. Forgot to mention the price for the entire system is $1800 and can be ordered from PressureTek.
  13. I have been using the Fat Bandit soft wash system for roof cleaning and soft washing houses for several years. Great distance with 4.5 gal/min flow at 60psi. The pump usually lasts two seasons (300 jobs/season) but all the other equipment in the system is still original after 6 years use. The pump can be ordered pre wired for less that $400 and very easy to replace. Way better than the compressor pumps and transfer pumps i've used in the past.
  14. Im Shaun and I own an exterior cleaning company in the Toledo Ohio area. My company cleans about 150 roofs per year and I would like to become a premium member as I feel being able to display the RCIA logo would be a valuable asset. Can anybody advise me on how to proceed with this?
  15. I have been soft washing roofs for a few years now. My company has become one of the top exterior cleaning companies in the Toledo Ohio area in the 3 short years i've been in business. I feel it would be a valuable asset to be able to display an RCIA certified logo on my website and trucks. Is there still a way to become certified?
  16. For the past couple years I have been using the original "Apple Sauce" formula with nothing short of great results. It is rather costly with TSP and Borax in the mix so I decided to give Elemonator a try. Elemonator is a great product that can be purchased at PressureTek online. A 5 gallon bucket is $100 or so and covers about twenty-five 100 gallon mixtures. So on average about $4 per 100g as opposed to $20 or so with TSP and Borax. For roof cleaning I do a 20g 17%SH/80g H2O and 24oz. of Elemonator mix. One application does it every time. Its thick and has a really nice citrus smell.
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  18. Best Corporate Video Production Company in Bangalore and top Explainer Video Company in Bangalore , 3d, 2d Animation Video Makers in Chennai Awesome article. good read blog. Thanks for sharing
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  20. First, you want a doctor that is in good standing with the American Medical Association {AMA}. It is easy to go physicians eye care columbia to the AMA and do a search. You can look them up by name and specialty. It will tell you if they are a member in good standing, where they went to school, where they did their residency and what hospital they are affiliated with.
  21. Restaurant cleaning is a daunting task in the industry because of the health and safety of the diners that go along with it. You will get to know how restaurant cleaning services Sydney can help to shine your space. Cost of hiring restaurant cleaning services Sydney. Find out if your establishment can afford to pay for the service. It is not cheap, but you can customize the service that you require. When looking at how much this service cost, various factors affect the cost of cleaning. Cleanliness and Sanitation A clean kitchen is free from germs. A clean kitchen is free of bacteria. They are two completely different things that you can have when seeking help from cleaners. You will be asked a few questions like are things organized? Are they are organized? Are they clean? Are they labeled? Proper Storage of food There should be proper storage of the food such as you can store meat at the bottom of the fridge and the vegetables at the top. This will help to avoid the juices of the meat to drip to the vegetables. Time and Temperature Professional restaurant cleaning services Sydney knows that time and temperature differ from one to another. Experts are aware of the Temperature Danger Zone. This is the key factor that indicates bacterial growth is concerned. Sanitation Buckets These are the clean buckets with sanitizer. This is used by the cook or chef to wipe knives, chopping boards, and countertops. All these points can affect the cost of the cleaner you hire for your restaurant cleaning. It will help you enhance your space and grow your business.
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  26. If you surf over the internet you will find various companies that offer cleaning services in your area. In fact, with so many options available, choosing a commercial cleaning company in Sydney may seem to be a daunting task for you. So, to make your search easier, check out the points that are listed, which you should consider while choosing your office cleaning company. Consider the services Before you select any commercial cleaning company you need to keep in mind the services offered by them. It will help you narrow your search as per your requirement to be more specific. If you require a carpet cleaning search for that particular service instead of all the cleaning services. It will help you select the best cleaning company in Sydney. Get quotes It is best to get quotes from the cleaning company in Sydney for the services you want for your office cleaning job. As different companies offer different cleaning quotes select the one that you find the most suitable. References Ask the cleaning company for some references. If they are not willing it’s better to switch your choice. If the service provider offers you references, contact them as soon as possible and check out how good the cleaning company in Sydney in commercial cleaning services. If you find them right then you can choose them. Hope the points above will be useful for you to make a wise choice and get the best cleaning company that sparks your place within your budget. Make sure that you keep in mind all these points above before you choose any cleaners for your office.
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