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  2. School premises require regular cleaning because space is filled with children and they tend to make a mess. These days most schools hire school cleaning Sydney to keep the premises tidy and hygienic. The reason why professional cleaners are a must for school cleaning is that they are experienced and have the right equipment. Moreover, a school consists of places other than classrooms and assembly halls. Apart from the use of techniques, there are factors to be considered when cleaning a school. Points to consider for School cleaning Check for the areas prone to germs like toilets and canteen also need extra care Discard the waste regularly to avoid breeding of germs, delay in discarding the waste can lead to spreading diseases Manage food waste in canteen using the right techniques Hiring Professional school cleaning Sydney can help to make the task easier and quicker. You can take care of the above points but for reliable cleaning, you require experts with the latest equipment and skills make the space sparkle.
  3. I have done moss removal two different ways in the past. 1. Spraying roof wash onto shingles and then returning weeks later to scrub with wire brush 2. Applying spray and forget and not returning to scrub moss ( Ihave never returned to see the results but apparently they worked well at one site I sprayed) I am trying to figure out the optimal way to remove moss that is speedy and cost effective. Does anyone have any insights?
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  5. Cleaning is crucial for any household. Organized and spotless space goes a long way offering positivity and health. But given the fact that cleaning chores are boring, time-consuming often filthy, people mostly postpone it until it becomes unbearable. Therefore, if you are searching to hire cleaning company Sydney, you must consider various important factors: Points to check before you hire a cleaning company The points mentioned would be helpful for you if you are looking for a professional cleaning to make your space sparkle. Spare some time to research to hasten your search for a trustworthy company. Ask your friends references and source of information about a reliable company. It will be helpful and would allow you to get the overall positive or negative views of a cleaning company. Compare the type of cleaning services offered before you hire cleaning company Sydney. If you have already scheduled an in-house cleaning staff to perform regular home cleaning, you still require a professional cleaning service that your staff wouldn’t be able to perform. Consider the points while you schedule your home or business cleaning for effective, efficient and quick cleaning services.
  6. Derrick was a great guy to talk with, and he assured me that Dura Lock Roofs used a cheap glue and construction methods, one reason they ain't around anymore!
  7. Guys, this is where We (Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa) get OUR roof cleaning liability insurance from!
  8. For example, if you put information about contacts with potential customers into the system, then indicate at what stage negotiations with each of them are, carefully enter data on the results of negotiations and on transactions that have taken place, then in a good sales management system you can instantly get a “sales funnel” https://www.managemart.com/pool-care, and with the accumulation of some statistics, you can get the sales forecast that also depends on how intensively your managers have worked today.
  9. I like using it thick, like 2 to 3 - 44 ounce bottles to 100 gallons of mix. At that concentration, it really hides the smell better, but it will leave a film sometimes, on the roof.
  10. Check and see if there is a Univar Chemical close by. Ch will leave a white film on everything it touches. Doug Rucker can tell you about the nitemare he experienced usuing a powered bleach solution he purchased from AC.. Worst mistake he ever made. Borax and/or TSP will help your solution, but hard to dissolve unless you use hot water to mix with.
  11. Why do something “manually” if you can automate the whole process? A computer or automated system will do the work for you. Isn't it wonderful that you don’t have to do anything anymore - everything is done automatically! Time management is what any business needs. If you implement an automation https://www.managemart.com/cleaning program, it must have scheduling easy to figure out how to use.
  12. Many people believe that cleaning is to sanitize a place. However, when you are selecting an office cleaning company Sydney it is vital to make sure you choose one that does understand the difference. There are millions of germs spread over commonly-used areas of an office desk. Once you touch those areas you are likely to get in contact with thousands of germs present on the desk, keyboard, mouse, and telephone. Simply dusting over these items to make them appear clean doesn’t ensure that are invisible to the naked eye. Make sure you select your cleaning company carefully The best commercial cleaning companies are those who understand the necessity of eradicating germs as soon as possible. When a place is sanitized it will be free from bacteria and microbes. This is not the case if the surface gets a wipe with a general cleaning product it can be less effective than offered from professional office cleaning companies Sydney. In order to make sure business owners can reduce the sickness and ill health of your employees, it is imperative that a suitable cleaning service is offered. This will ensure all surface is sanitized instead of simply cleaned. This means the cleaning employees must use the right product to both kill germs and leave surfaces sparkling.
  13. Hello new to the forum. Found this forum doing research on softwash systems. Still doing research... Taking the advise of a few of you here.. No need to buy an expensive sled for my purpose. So I live here in Central Fl. And want to get into the roof wash buisness part time for extra income. I work 15 days a month so that leaves me another 15 days of free time if u want to call it that. Anyways looking for someone to show me the ropes and setups. Chemical ratios and so on. Id be willing to come work with you voluntarily for training purposes on my days off. Lmk if this is something you wouldn't mind helping me out with. Thanks
  14. All across the world, people are living in homes or working in offices that are unorganized or get dirty due to human traffic. Due to our daily busy routine, we are unable to pay attention to the unorganized and messy places. You require a reliable property cleaning services Sydney. But before you hire a cleaning company for the cleaning you should be able to find out what you exactly need. Things you need to check for a property cleaning company By building a trusting relationship, you need to ensure that all your items will remain safe while getting to know everything about cleaners on a personal level. Hire a cleaner by enquiring about the product in use from a company offering property cleaning services Sydney. If you are interested in any of the appliance cleaning, floor cleaning, window washing, and commercial property cleaning. The above-mentioned points can help you choose the right cleaning company in Sydney.
  15. Thinking of buying the air pole system https://www.airpole.co.uk/ which might make life easier for us. Being an air operated system I could add an air diaphragm pump so I'm looking for advice on the best reasonably priced pump that I could hook up to this system. Any thoughts welcome.
  16. When it comes to refurbishing a living space, a carpet is the best choice for altering the outlook of a house. Carpets are truly considered as a good option now and forever! If you are wondering whether these carpets can enhance the beauty of your place or not then the answer is yes! When it comes to choosing a carpet, there are several types of carpets available on the market that can simply blow your mind. However, there is a fine line between owning and maintaining a carpet. Maintaining its newness is a big commitment as it is not easy to remove the dust particles and stubborn marks which take place every day. If you truly want to increase the lifespan of your carpet, you must hire professionals for this work. As these professionals are well-versed with the techniques of cleaning, they can easily eliminate dust particles and kill germs present in the carpet. So, if you want to keep your carpets and couch spotlessly clean, it is better to get excellent carpet and couch cleaning Townsville services rather than depending upon DIY (Do-it-yourself) stuff. Cleaning of furniture and carpets is indeed a daunting and time-consuming process. If you are not keen to drain your energy while cleaning the furniture and carpets, you should look for a company that can offer the best cleaning services. The cleaning experts also make use of high-end cleaning equipment and techniques which is safe for your kids and pets. However, before appointing anyone, you must make sure that they are experienced and take their job seriously. To acquire better cleaning services, you should check the reviews to make sure that your expensive belongings are in the safest hands. In case you are looking forward to cleansed and disinfected carpets and couch, you can get in touch with the certified cleaning company. If you are living in Australia and looking for a company that can offer the certified furniture cleaning Townsville service, you can trust Carpet Cleaning Townsville. It is a renowned Townsville-based company that offers the best furniture, carpet, and curtains cleaning service at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, Carpet Cleaning Townsville offers the service for: · Water and Flood Damage Restoration · Area Rug Cleaning · Commercial Carpet Cleaning · Tile and Grout Cleaning · Mattress Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Townsville is a reputed company that offers a quick and safe cleaning service so that you can live in a healthy environment with your family and loving pets. About Carpet Cleaning Townsville: Carpet Cleaning Townsville is a leading cleaning company which you can contact to hire commercial cleaners Townsville. For more details, visit Bestcarpetcleaningtownsville.com.au
  17. Welcome Thomas. Funny, you have the same name of a roofing company we handle roof cleaning referrals for here in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a few roofers that we do work with or handle their roof cleaning referrals for.
  18. Hi I'm Thomas, I have been in the roofing business most of my adult life, & I'm a 3rd generation roofer. I look forward to getting to know everyone here, if I can help answer any questions please feel free to ask. I am sure I will have a few of my own for you guys. All Seasons Roofing Wilmington NC
  19. Hey guys I've been stumped on cleaning a couple metal roofs. They have a white film on them anyone know what to use?
  20. Gotcha, you almost hit the topic well-detailed. I have the same struggle with roof cleaning. I need someone to look over my roof to test if it needs a replacement. Does anyone know about https://www.rencoroofing.com/
  21. Could someone please tell me which tsunami water separator I will need to run a flojet g57 air system?
  22. Hey guys I am having a hard time finding pressure/soft washing and window cleaning insurance above 3 stories. I use Joseph Walters but they don't offer it. Anyone have any info?
  23. Carpets and curtains together make your house the home of your dreams. No matter how big or small a place you own, you can always set the mood and ambience that you want with beautiful and magnificent curtains. The curtains and the carpets will add life to your otherwise dull living room. But there will come a time when your curtains will be full of dirt and dust and your carpets will be soiled with something that got spilt on them. In situations like these, you need to quickly contact the best carpet cleaning Townsville so that your house’s aesthetics is never compromised. It is important that you contact the best carpet cleaners because all carpets are not the same. Like each one has a different type of beauty, each carpet requires different type of cleaning as well. A professional carpet cleaner will know what kind of material your carpet is made of and will use the best mix of tools, materials and techniques to make it spotless clean. Same goes with your curtains. Curtains are made of a variety of different fabrics that cannot be cleaned with the same method. While you should be dusting your curtains daily or weekly, depending on where they are placed, it is important to get them professionally cleaned at regular intervals to improve their life. A curtain that is full of dust and dirt will be a breeding ground for moulds and prove to be problematic for people with allergies. Your carpets, curtains, mattresses and all sort of home and car upholstery require a professional cleaning. You should get your curtains cleaned at the best curtain cleaning Townsville. The best service provider would be the one who understands the diverse needs of your upholstery and gives them the best that they deserve. If you are looking for such a service provider, look no further than Carpet Cleaning Townsville. It is a family owned business with over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry. With its team of expert professionals and state-of-the-art technology and machines, it provides you spotless clean services. With their dedication and experience they will make sure that all your upholstery is as clean as new. About Carpet Cleaning Townsville: Carpet Cleaning Townsville is a family-owned local business with a decade long experience and provides a lot of services like mattress cleaning Townsville and a lot more. For more details, visit https://www.bestcarpetcleaningtownsville.com.au/
  24. I had a Dura Lock roof system installed on our new home in August of 2006. For a couple of years we have noticed some grandeur (stone) coming off. Upon a complete inspection this year and it is coming off all over the roof. We paid $38,800.00 for this roof and don’t know what to do. I have read a lot on line and it doesn’t look that good for the home owner. We have a warranty number for there Signature Series. It is 400394,06. Thank you and please let me know if I can be of more help. Sincerely, Paul Bosschem 8855 Johnson Road Kaleva, Michigan 49645 Phone: 231-889-9025 cell 231-920-1843 email: paulginny2@gmail.com
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