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  1. You will have to check your local laws about how much chemical you can carry. Until you can use a 55 gallon drum, but your SH in smaller amounts, and charge accordingly. I am sure people there would like a clean roof, but many dont know they can safely have one! That is your job now, to get a rig, and clean some roofs, and develop your local market.
  2. As long as you have at least 9 CFM of air, it will spray ok, and will spray even better with more air.
  3. Welcome Ken, my advice is to read, and then read some more, and don't be afraid to post questions, on the forum. Because you are a Premium Member, you are able to call me for help, if you need it. 813-407-1097 I also fixed your forum signature, by activating your company website link
  4. Honestly, we see very very little Moss here in Tampa, so I have never tried it. Now, back when I lived in Seattle, I remember that shit! Moss is a real bitch to remove, as you know. My opinion is air will blow some of the Moss off, the loose stuff, but when the Moss is still alive, I really have my doubts about air, unless you have a lot of it. Richie Frisson owns EDGE Roof Cleaning in BC Canada, he deals with Moss all the time. He is an RCIA Member, maybe he has some info to share on Moss.
  5. Yes, I remember Michael ! If you remember, my ex girlfriend's name is Eileen O' Riordan. LOL, I called her Eileen O' Rear End. What a nice ass she has ! She is 100% Irish, and her family is from County Cork! I hope you are doing well in the roof and exterior business !
  6. Me either Kirk. Originally, I am from Detroit, but Northern Michigan is full of Finns Work is pretty non existent up there, so many moved down to Detroit. Wally Koski, and Gary Karvonen were Finnish, and 2 of my very best friends. Their parents emigrated from Finland to Michigan, to work in the Copper Mines. For some unknown reason, people from Finland find me, and I find them Perhaps in a past life, I was a Viking ? I used to date Wally Koski's sister, who had white blonde hair, and big blue eyes. She was a true blonde, and blonde where it counts, if ya know what I mean. Don\t hesitate to call if you ever have any questions Kirk
  7. Welcome Don ! Before you can take the certification test, you must first be a Premium RCIA Member, so click here http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/store/, read, read, then read some more, and when you feel you are ready to test, message me.
  8. Welcome Kirk! Your Premium Membership gives you direct access to me at 813-407-1097 if you have any roof cleaning related questions you can't find the answers to here. I lived in Seattle for 20 years, and there is plenty of work there, and all over the Pacific Northwest. LOL, I used to date this fine ass girl I met in Vancouver, Wa. Only problem was, she lived way down in Beaverton, Oregon Is Koskiniemi a Finnish last name ?
  9. Just start reading, and posting any questions you have. That, and experience, are the road to certification. And welcome to the RCIA !
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