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  1. My dad asked for some pressure cleaning on his home and while I was there he asked about getting us to do the roof , when we finally get our soft wash system setup on our new rig. So I tell him " well I'm here ill just clean the roof with a pump up sprayer." Wow what a mistake. My sprayer sucks so bad that it pretty much dried the wash imediately. Lol it looks "better" but after a few hours and a bunch of trips up and down the ladder to make new mix. I finally swallowed my pride and told pops that I will be back when the new rig is complete. Lol. Just thought I would share my experience. But atleast I will value our roof wash setup more then I already do.
  2. Welcome Pat . I believe you have to be a premium member. When I got to the menu and click search it says I don't have permission . I'm assuming its because I havent paid to be premium. Good luck man.
  3. I was going to say. Stopping would have been sketchy with a tank full. Especially on wet roads. Lol. But hey it got the job done. Look at you now haha.
  4. Those rigs are nice man.. Simple and easy. No time for clutter or confusion. I like them a lot. Is that a little toyota??? Lol. That thing will run forever. Chris I have heard good things about you brother. I am close friends to a well known roofer in the area and he said he has sent you a lot of work over the years . He had good things to say about you. I know you won't. But you don't have to worry about us . We are doing what we do because we truly enjoy it and it has done a good job of making ends meet easier. But we still have a 40 hour a week job at publix and that's our bread and butter.
  5. Yea I can't deal with leaky fittings. I think we will drop in the top of tank. I read that on pt state but hearing it from you pretty much seals the deal for us. Thanks again.
  6. Very nice setup Central Iowa . Very clean and simple I would like to ours like that except on trailer rig.
  7. I would much rather plumb the system. But I was told that there's a lot of leaking issues at the bulk heads on the chemical tank . Few guys from another forum gave the advice of not having any fittings on the chemical tank except the fill whole up top of course. I think plumbing is better personally. But I don't want to have leaking issues. How does this work for you? Any problems?
  8. We have already bought the 12 volt dc pump setup from bob at pressuretek.com . Should be able to draw from the top of tank with it to. I believe. I may be wrong.
  9. Chris where is a good place locally to buy a chemical tank around 100 gallons. Been looking on craigslist but can't find one around that size with no fittings on the bottom. Thought maybe you knew a place that sold them with decent prices. Thanks man.
  10. Thank you Chris. We are new to roof cleaning and looking forward to the advice from you pros. But like pressure cleaning we want to do the job 100% correct and effiecent. Once the rig is set up we have about 5 roofs we are cleaning for free of people we know and getting the bugs worked out and a decent system down. Once again Chris we appreciate the advice you have given and if we run across something that we know we can't handle we will not hesitate to send it your way...
  11. You are the first one that has givin us any negative feedback about our site. No offence takin though. We appreciate the advice. We are a pressure cleaning business and have been doing very well with it . However we have had to turn down a lot of roof work being that we didnt have the right equipment to clean roofs. After a lot of research and a few talks with Chris over the phone. We have decided to take on more work and start picking up these roof jobs. We are very excited I must say lol. But anyway we just bought a new trailer and a proper roof wash "soft wash" system. Being we are starting out we bought the electric delevan pump in a box setup from Bob at PressureTek . Once we get the racks and what nots welded up on the trailer we are taking it to be powdercoated and then installing our equipment. We will post pictures once its said and done.
  12. If you'd have read my first post, you'd see that we're getting into roof cleaning right now. If you'd checked my website, you'd see the "Roofs and more" tab. We advertise "soft wash" on our site, repeatedly. We apply chemicals using low pressure, and we rinse with low pressure. What part of that is not "soft washing?" Our website was professionally done, again, something you would have seen at the bottom of our page if you'd have visited the site.
  13. Yeah guys up north brag about their average house wash being $400 to $500. You'd be laughed off the property and out of business if you tried to run that model here. Roof cleaning (the proper way) is a niche market here in Lakeland. We're hoping it will do well since there aren't that many companies offering it.
  14. If I paid for membership to every pressure wash/roof cleaning forum promising to teach me "secrets," I'd be broke quickly. No offense to anyone, but there are no "secrets" on the internet if you're good with a search engine. And I was joking about stealing anything, and only meant to maybe meet up with Chris in person one day to talk roof cleaning since we're in the same neighborhood.
  15. Hi! I'm Rob, co-owner of Fullwood's Pressure Cleaning Service out of Lakeland, FL. (FPCS) We are ordering our roof cleaning rig and expanding our entire setup to accommodate the service this week. Bigger custom trailer, overhead racks, etc... Hoping to get some good info here to add to what we've researched on PTstate and other forums about roof cleaning. Spoken to Chris a few times on the phone and would like to sneak onto one of his residential job sites to steal a few secrets from the veterans! We are mostly a residential cleaning service with a few small commercial contracts here and there. Thanks! www.fullwoodpcs.com
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