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  1. We use pinch a penny on occasion. Our main SH supplier is on the southside and sometimes pinch a penny is more convienent. But we get our SH from our main supplier for 1$ a gallon. Pinch a penny doesn't do that. Lol
  2. Ok we have another big shingle roof job monday. Im going to bump the ratio to 35% and add more gain. This house on monday should produce some great before and after pictures.
  3. Also we get 10.5 % bleach . Do you think we should bump our percentage ratio to maybe 30 to 35% bleach in our mix. We are having to touch up a lot when the roof isn't even that dirty . Just a thought.
  4. The green gain original scent. We used 75 gallons of mix and used a whole 44oz bottle of the gain.
  5. Maybe this should be something we present to the customer before the work is done. While explaining the cleaning process.
  6. Good point. I will remember that advice on moving the attention to how clean the roof is. I will get some before and afters up soon. Need to go by there and take some good afters. The sun was a factor in the after photos the day of.
  7. Did a 3000 sqft shingle roof friday . Customer loved the results but made a comment about a smell today. I told them it was the cleaner and dead algae. That it would go away in a couple days. Never seen any threads on this, not a big deal just curious of what others have answered with and if anyone has been asked about a smell??
  8. Lol man that's pretty good and wrong at the same time. Guess its only wrong to the other team. Haha.
  9. Thanks Richard. We were just being extra safe for our first. But there was only a gutter on the front of house and on the back at the pool screen. But thank you for the advice. We are enjoying roofs.
  10. I had a customer we do work for ask us to do a roof for him probably a month or 2 ago. Well we weren't set up the proper way at the time so I respectfully passed on the job. Well I talked to him 2 days ago and he said that he had a company come and do it and everything under the drip line of the roof and 3 ft out is dead. Grass, plants etc... I just kinda laughed and shook my head and told him that if I were him I wouldn't be calling them back to do a roof. I didn't ask who the company was but I should have. Just thought I would share this story because its crazy to me that a company or someone could show up and ruin a customers vegetation like that.
  11. Well that check is still on its way actually . Lol We do a lot of work for a company that buys abandoned homes remodels them completely and sells them. They aren't asking for any deals yet either. They are paying top dollar like everyone else. We do mostly pressure cleaning for them but I believe after that job we will get a few more roofs.
  12. Thank you. Roof cleaning is a lot of fun when your doing it the right way. I know its our first one but its enjoyable. Not to mention the before and after effect it does to the person doing the work but to the customer as well. Im positive there's some that aren't as enjoyable but that's part of it. The area we are in could use a lot of roof cleaning. Its just going to take us getting out there and educating these posible customers that there is a right , safe way of cleaning roofs. I hope it stirs up plenty of business for us and the other guys around us that do it the right way.
  13. Thanks Chris and thank all of you guys for the advice and tips. May not have been shared directly to us but yall put it out there for people like us to learn. Have a few more lined up this week and looking forward to them.
  14. With a huge thanks to Chris and help form the forums, we were pretty confident going into our first roof job today. This wasn't even the bad side, and it came out pretty well. The dark spots are where we went back and hit a few trouble areas and hadn't dried yet. Rinsed the bottom 1/3, soaked the hell out of everything (didn't have to worry about many plants) and the owner loved it.
  15. Great advice . Ill keep that in mind. Thank you.
  16. It slows you down a whole lot also. The nozzle was 50 $ and I would love to have that back. So don't waste your money lol..
  17. We bought a foamer nozzle to try out on pool screen enclosures. We were trying to get more cling on the actual screening. We used it one time and I couldn't even tell you where it is now. Waste of money.
  18. I appreciate the time guys. Ill be installing the roof setup this week. Have roof jobs waiting. Guess its a good thing.
  19. Thanks for the feedback guys. How are you securing the hose out of the fitting? Richard do you also secure the hose from the barb? Do you have issues with the pvc breaking?
  20. Recently bought a 12volt soft wash kit from PT . It comes with 200ft of the half inch poly hose. My question to you guys that use the poly hose is , what type of fittings do you use to attach the hose to your hose reel. I was thinking a 1/2 inch barb with a hose clamp ?? But I'm afraid it will leak all over my new titan reel and our pretty trailer. Lol. Also some ideas to plumb into the chemical tank would be nice. Just seems like barbs are about the only option with the poly hose. Thanks guys.. I hope everyone is busy and doing well.
  21. I'm curious . Do you guys rinse the roof with the roof pump? Wouldnt that flush your pump out at each job? Or is that unnecessary usage of your pump and more wear and tear? That's what I planned on doing at every job. Take the inlet hose and drop it in the water buffer tank we use for our washers. Maybe the roof pump doesn't rinse as good as a regular water hose? Idk...
  22. I am interested in the convention. Can someone tell me more about this convention in orlando. Thanks guys.
  23. Well atleast I have seen what its like to do it the hard way. I will charish this soft wash system now. Lol. I just got to anxious I guess.
  24. Lol hahaha .. I was embarrassed of myself. I only attempted this because it was family . No way would I have attempted this form money. I will be going back with the right setup just as soon as we are ready. I can't leave it halfassed family or not. Lol.
  25. This was a handheld. But I have read that abouy backpacks.
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