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Howie Scarboro

SH in the Chattanooga area

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Hey guys, doing research to add roof and house cleaning to my arsenal and phase out mowing.  Does anyone know where to obtain SH in the Chattanooga area?  As a side note, I am a certified FallTech fall protection distributor if anyone ever needs safety equipment, I would be happy to help.


I contacted a chemical company about an hour away, Specialty Chemicals in Cleveland, TN.  They quoted 12.5% at $209 for 55 gallon barrel and $103 for 15 gallon jugs.  $4/gallon sounds high compared to what some of you guys are paying.  Maybe that's the downside to operating on a area without an abundance of pools. She said that Lowes carries a 6% mix, is it possible to use a lower strength in higher concentrations?   Any help is appreciated, but can't go crazy on bulk until the jobs start lining up, I think a one month shelf life is pushing it. 

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