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Weather and Time of Day

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It may be just me and I'll probably sound crazy, but I've noticed that when it is bright and sunny out, that it seems to "mask" the GM on the roof.  I'm sure all of us do this - cruising down the highway and you instinctively look at roofs.  As you are going by houses, your mind is saying needs cleaning, next house - needs cleaning, next one - got a new roof (coulda saved you thousands of dollars if I had got there in time!) and on and on.  But some days, the GM just sticks out on the roof like a sore thumb, particularly when it is partly cloudy, early in the morning, or late in the evening.  See that same exact roof on a bright and sunny day, it looks like it barely has any GM on it.  Now I know if the roof is completely covered in GM, that's one thing.  But when there are blotches and streaks here and there, a sunny day seems to hide them.  I can still see them, but I can hear a customer saying "I don't see anything" or "It doesn't look that bad".   Same roof on a partly cloudy day and your saying "Holy Magoley, that roof looks bad!"  Same thing with rain, if the roof is soaked, can't see GM as bad, but when it is just moist, it pops off the roof like a neon sign.  Just an observation.  Again I might just be crazy too!

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