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An Interesting High Pressure Pump For Cleaning Roofs ?

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I live in Tampa, and roofs are seldom steep or way up high in the air down here. But some have asked me about roof cleaning pumps that will really shoot.

High pressure and high flow are always important, if you want to spray far.


These pumps say they are designed to handle bleach, and go up to 300 PSI !

The flow could be higher, but I bet these will shoot a long way, as long as one does not use too large of a nozzle http://mkrittenhouse.com/ca/hypro-versa-twin-2130-series-plunger-pump



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Interesting indeed

I remember the OLD Fat Boy's and Pentaflex pumps BEFORE they turned them down from the factory. They were set from the factory at 80 PSI, and shot very well. So, one can only imagine what these guys will do ?  You will run these just like a UDOR or John Blue pump, with a bypass and a pressure relief regulator.  Interestingly enough, they say they are made to handle BLEACH :)

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