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Ok Guys, if you go here http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-loudspeakers/floorstanding-loudspeakers/bowers-wilkins-604-loudspeakers.html#josc6530 you can comment on this speaker, and maybe get a page rank 5 link!


Look at my post on the page, to see how to do it. (chris tucker)

Do NOT use a company name, and do not talk about cleaning roofs!


Use your real name, and your website.


Be clever guys, try to incorporate your keywords w/o acting like this is what you are doing.


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PR5 homepage.....the linked page is a PR2

I know you have better software for SEO then I do, but I show page rank 5 for this page http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-loudspeakers/floorstanding-loudspeakers/bowers-wilkins-604-loudspeakers.html#josc6530

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Not sure how you are getting a PR5 for the "page". The domain root (homepage) is a PR5 but every page on the internet has it's own unique PR. If a browser can show it....to Google, it's a page....if it's a page, it has it's own PR.


I use firefox....it has a PR addon that shows the PR of any page in your current browser window. It shows a PR2.




I also checked an outside source to be sure.....


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Here's another thing about PR that most people don't know....


Real PR is different than the PR google publishes. Google only changes published PR every 3-4 months and even then....you don't always see the true value. Sometimes, google just doesn't show it. It seems to be based on age and authority....older respected domains tend to show actual link juice in google PR tool bars whereas newer less authoritative domains have a lag. 


There is also a PR penalty...and it would be almost impossible to tell if you are under penalty from spammy links or under the authority or age lag.


I was able to move one guy from a PR1 to a PR2 by telling him to use the new link "disavow" option Google offers. I wouldn't suggest anyone do this without the advice of someone that has Seomoz, Href or majestic link evaluation tools and an understanding of what they say. Sometimes a link has low PR but is authoritative and relevant which has a value in serps but not PR. Links have more than one measure of value...PR does not equal serp rank, PR1 sites can (and do) outrank higher PR sites for keywords. 


Other stuff.....


A PR1 site could be a PR1.99999 site.....almost a PR2 (see example image below)

Link juice passed is based on real PR.....not published PR (unless under a PR penalty)

Link juice passed is divided by outbound links on a page.

Before PR is divided and passed....it is degraded. Nobody knows exactly how much but for example, here's how it works...PR3 X 85% = 2.55 / 3 links = .85

Thus....it's much better to spend the time hunting for high PR/low outbound links than simply looking at PR alone.


PR IMHO is secondary to serp ranking...look for highly relevant link sources first, dominate your KW's and then build PR.


Example of real vs Published PR....my roof cleaning directory.




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