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Central Iowa Roof Cleaning

How To Connect A Solenoid To 12V Pump

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Hey Bruce.... you remind me of my father... hard working.... very informative... go get her done type of attitude... I like your style... I enjoy watching your videos... Keep up the good work... !!!

My father whom is 70 and still works his ass off always tells me... Never retire... it'll kill ya... !!!

You need to hear my parents story in order to appreciate it... but... I always respect a person that works hard for what they rightfully deserve... !!!

Long story short... They came from Poland with nothing... Learned English in the states and made millions... Lost it... came back and did it again... Hard work pays off if you keep working... !!!

Good work Bruce... I hope you enjoy your Florida trip... !!!

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Ok stupid question time. Please be nice  :D


If you replace the relay switch with the solenoid, does the pump pressure switch still work. i.e are they the same thing

I also have an FB2 set to 60psi on demand. So I want to make sure that doesn't change if I add the solenoid. 


Hope i'm not completely missing the point but this part is new to me.

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Not stupid...you should know your equipment!


The pressure switch is triggered when the pump chamber pressure drops below the set point...typically 60 PSI on a FB2 pump, when you open the valve on your spray hose. When the pressure drops, it mechanically closes a contact in the switch which sends a low amperage signal to the relay or solenoid. When the relay/solenoid receives the voltage trigger, it closes the main high voltage contact inside, sending the main power to the pump motor.


When the chamber pressure reaches the set pressure point when you close your spray hose valve, the pressure switch opens the electrical contact up inside it, the relay/solenoid trigger voltage is removed and the high amperage contact is opened up turning the pump motor off. 


In essence, Bruce's solenoid is simply a far more capable higher amperage relay than what comes with the pumps standard and is thus more reliable. What you must understand however is the nature of what  Bruce does...Cedar Cleaning. Cedar roof cleaning is far more kind to pumps due to the nature of the spray work.


While there is absolutely no doubt his solenoid setup is definitely more reliable and highly recommended...but it will not solve some of the fundamental limitations that guys who spray other than cedar may experience. 


There are some tech articles on pumps in the Premium Member forum that might be worth a read if you haven't done so. They explain more in depth how an electric pump setup works, the limitations on it and how to widen your flexibility. 

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