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The winter is the time for all roof cleaners to work on the SEO of their websites. One way we do this, is to provide relevant links to our websites from places that Google trusts. Google created Google Groups, and so it trusts them! Unlike Facebook Groups, these Google Groups are wide open to the Google Crawlers. I have created a Google Group, dedicated to only roof cleaning. This is an excellent (and free) way for you to give your website some valuable backlinks. Plus, many of us roof cleaners have found that sometimes the posts we make here,  find their way into our local search results! Only post roof cleaning related content here, or I will delete the post. Most of us will give a Google +1 to all your posts here, as long as you reciprocate, and +1 your fellow roof cleaners posts as well. Here is the link to the Google+ Roof Cleaning Group https://plus.google.com/communities/110709238575550431248

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Good advise. Many don't take advantage of the down time to help build their branding. This is also a good time to do your blogging for fresh content which the search engines love. 

Good advice Bruce! 


Wow, since I posted this, we have had 24 new Google + Roof Cleaning Group members, in only 2 days. I thought everyone already knew that there was a roof cleaning SEO Group I made to help everyone. Here are some suggestions to get the Most SEO for yourselves, out of this Google+ Roof Cleaning Group.
Try not to just make a post called "Roof Cleaning Tampa" for instance, and only post a few pictures and a link to your website. Since the Google Penguin and Panda updates, they have gotten a lot more fussy about what content they will Index, and reward your company a good backlink for. Try to post at least a paragraph or 2 of text, so here is an example.
Title of post is - Roof Cleaning Tampa FL.
Here is a shingle roof we cleaned last week up in the Carrollwood section of Tampa. This customer is a repeat customer, we cleaned his shingle roof nearly 6 years ago. He got another letter from his Homeowners Association to get his roof cleaned again. He said he remembered us, because of the great job we did for him years ago. My Son and I really like this customer, because he is an avid fisherman, like we are. He shared some great fishing holes in Tampa Bay with us, and we shared some of our secret spots with him. His shingle roof is under a lot of oak trees, and we had to be sure and blow all the debris from the trees off his roof, before we started the non pressure cleaning. His neighbor had his shingle roof pressure washed, and it was ruined. We never ever use any pressure washing to clean any roof in Tampa. 
As you can see from the pictures, this shingle roof came out looking like new and our customer was very happy. If you live up in Carrollwood, or anywhere in the greater Tampa Florida area, call us at 813-655-8777 for a free, no obligation roof cleaning estimate. 
This is an example of how to beat use the Google + Roof Cleaning Group I made for you guys, for best SEO and backlinks. 
Now, if any Group Member sees a post like this, it is very helpful to comment on it! All it takes is a short comment like "Wow Chris, I have been to Tampa before, and know where the Carrollwood subdivision is. That shingle roof you cleaned came out awesome"
Then, another Group member might come into the thread, and say "You guys do great shingle roof cleaning work in Tampa" for instance.
Remember, the more comments your post gets the better, as far as SEO is concerned, and it also loks great when one of your potential customers sees your post in a search, with other roof cleaning professionals praising your work! 
Every post in the Google + Roof Cleaning Group has a Google +1 button, and we all need to give each others posts as many +1's as possible! Google see's +1's as a "vote of confidence" for that post, and will reward posts and threads with many +1 votes with the best SEO.  
Also, you can use the Google + Roof Cleaning Group to provide backlinks, and better SEO, for your roof cleaning video's as well, and you should also make a post with your Google + Local Business Profile Page in it. 

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