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The Importance Of Web Site Loading Speed

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Google will reward roof cleaning websites that load quickly, and can actually penalize sites that load slow. Plus, research has shown that customers will seldom sit and wait for a slow site to load. The roof cleaning business gets more competitive each year, giving potential customers a choice of web sites to choose from. 

Have you tested your web site, to see how fast, or slow it is ?


This is a great article - How fast is your website? Mine is not fast enough. Neither are most websites. The other day when running a workshop some of the websites that I was showing to the delegates were very slow. It wasn't helped by slow broadband, of course, but some of the sites were clearly on slow servers themselves, or badly constructed so that they loaded slowly.

The problem for website owners these days is that the patience of visitors is paper thin. If your site isn't visible and usable within a few seconds, those visitors are disappearing, ready to find an alternative that loads more quickly.

Ten years ago, people were prepared to wait for almost 30 seconds for a web page. Can you imagine that now? These days, we expect less than five seconds. How quickly does yours load?

If you don't know, get your speed tested. There are a couple of places you can do this. My favourite is GTMetrix but you there is also plenty of useful information at Web Page Test. You can also find some excellent advice when you test your website at Google Page Speed. GTMetrix will tell you what is wrong with your site and what needs to be fixed to improve it. There are also plenty of support files which help you make corrections. If it is all a bit too technical, just pass on the results to whoever looks after your website and get them to act on the recommendations.

There are, though, plenty of non-technical things you can do to help boost the speed of your website. The first of these is to ensure you use a hosting company which itself is fast. Many of the cheaper hosting companies do not operate on fast servers, or overload their systems with many websites which all have to share limited resources, making your site slow. It is always a good idea to review you web hosting arrangements anyway. New hosting, for instance, is now using "solid state drives" (SSD) which are disk drives that operate at about 20 times the speed of an ordinary hard drive. If you use a host that offers SSD you will automatically get a speed benefit. I have just moved some of my website hosting to a server from OVH (a French company). I also use 1&1.

Once you have a good host, you can also do some other things to help speed up your website. For instance, make sure your pictures are at the size they are going to appear on the page. If you upload a massive image and then use it at a smaller size, when the web page loads it has to do all that calculating of resizing the picture, which adds to the time it takes to load the page. You can instantly resize your pictures for your website using an online tool such as Picresize. If you use WordPress getting a picture optimising plugin, such as the EWWW Image Optimizer helps.

Another important factor in website speed is what you put on the pages you deliver. Far too many of the sites that were slow at the workshop the other day had packed everything onto one page. There were slideshows, adverts, dozens of images, graphic headlines, a variety of tools and a host of other bits and pieces. These are all added by website owners and designers to provide visitors with everything they might need and in an attempt to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. The problem is, all this stuff just bloats your site.

If you truly want to speed up your site, use the simplest design possible with the lowest amount of features your website visitors need. The more "stuff" you add to your web pages to make them look good or to make your site seem really busy, merely serves to slow them all down. One of the biggest ways of speeding up a website is for the owner to change their attitude and accept that their web pages do not need to contain "everything" but merely present the minimum necessary for the user.

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Good info, my page Beckon Call could use some speed improvement, but for mobile it gets a 97/100 for user experience.  I really need to to revisit and update, my services could be highlighted better.  But, I am still ranking awesome locally.

Good Job! Another thing to check on is, what version of PHP you are running on your server.

It should be at least PHP Version 7.0 if your server allows it.


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