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I saw that one. Only thing I don't know is what the composition is on the diaphragms and fluid section. It looks to be steel...possibly stainless...construction and if that is the case, corrosion will be a very big big deal. If you want your pump to last a very long time, you want Kynar (PVDF) or Hastelloy for longevity against SH. If you don't mind it lasting half a season and making the money out of it...meh. Just know that if it IS steel based, then you will get a lot of red. 


Also, you need to know who made the pump for them and whether diaphragms and air end replacements are available. If it has something like Buna N with Buna seals, then fugadeboudit. I would try to get hold of the MFG to see what the answers are.  

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Something to know about AODD pumps...

Over the years, many many companies have put their names on them. The honest truth is...they are not rocket science and plenty of guys have pumps OEM'd for them. The issue comes in when you have an off brand pump and you need parts or service. That is when it can get really really tricky tracking down who made it, who supplied the diaphragms, what is the current replacement, and can you get air end replacement parts. This gets even harder when the labeled manufacturer has been sold/renamed/or went under. 


Diaphragms pumps ARE reliable...but they are still mechanical pieces of equipment and they will occasionally need servicing. We use them with pretty harsh stuff. 


This is why it is a good idea to stick with the major manufacturers since getting replacement diaphragms/etc. is easier. Also...remember, 1" pump diaphragms can be a lot more money. Typical cost can be $300-600 for a set of 'phragms. Air end rebuilds...couple hundred. By the time you need, them, the pump has likely already made you a TON of profit...but when you buy used, it is definitely something to keep in mind since if you get a pump for a great price used...as is...and it has a ruptured/leaking diaphragm then you are in for a much bigger investment than you thought. If you know going in that you will need replacements then you can calculate your actual costs. 


Major pump makers...


Warren Rupp

ARO (Ingersol Rand)




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