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The dissimilar metals would be a big problem, on a Stone Coated Steel Roof. I was correct, it was Gerard that I talked to, who have assumed liability for the defective Dura Loc roofs.

This is the Man I talked with at Gerard Florida, his name is Derek.


Territory Manager - Derek Chalk
Manager's Name: 
Derek Chalk
+1 813-417-5571
Mailing Address: 
Gerard Roofing Technologies
1632 Third Street
LeesburgFL 34748

United States


And, right from their website, here are their roof cleaning instructions  http://www.gerardusa.com/sites/default/files/downloads/Gerard%20Cleaning%20Instructions%208-2013%20%281%29.pdf that we followed to the letter! In fact, though a 30% roof cleaning solution is called for, we only used a 25% solution.

It is always better to use a weaker solution, to protect the granule to metal bond.


The customer found us in a Google Search, and liked the fact that we have cleaned hundreds of these Dura Loc, Gerard, Allmet, and Decra Stone Coated Steel Roofs.

There are so many names for these, I get easily confused by them all. LOL, I just recently learned that Dura Lock, was the wrong spelling from you Andy.


It is also my understanding that the newer Dura Loc roofs are much better, and do not have the problems the old ones did.

Derek from Gerard Roofing Technologies tried to give me a sort of "history" of Stone Coated Steel Roofs.

He was very nice to me, and told me to Google defective Dura Loc  roofing products, to see all the lawsuits, and unhappy customers.




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I had a call Thursday about a customer with a Dura Loc roof wanting me to repair it.  I think they were selling the home or in the process and the roof coating came up.  I explained it was not repairable and went into the Dura Loc issue some what.  I told them about your customer being offered new product but no installation was included.  I told them to call Gerard and file a claim, I am interested in what they tell them, I will post an update if she follows through and lets me know.

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Hello everyone,

I also have a similar incident where granule is coming of the roof after our cleaning. I have done tens of metal roofs over the years but never had a similar issue. I found out that roofs are Dura Loc and they were installed after hurricane Wilma and were never cleaned before.

 The Condo Association is blaming our method of cleaning. We have used light bleach solution (less than 30%) that was sprayed on the roofs without pressure off a boom lift (no walking at all). A couple of weeks later, we received complains that granule is coming off.

The condo has 9 large buildings but we only cleaned 1 building. I have no idea how to rectify this problem and hopping to get some guidelines on what to do here.





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