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I guess there is interest in Softwashing (Non Pressure Roof And Exterior Cleaning) all over the world.

I was just messaged this on Facebook by a Forum Member from South Africa, who wants to get into a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Business. 


Hi Chris. Please could you assist me in what the exact equipment one would need to start a small yet effective and efficient roof cleaning business. I live in South Africa, and I am having a look into a the possibility of doing this part time. South Africans do not soft wash...maybe it is time we alter our way of cleaning roofs and exteriors other than always using high pressure. I recently joined your forum and have been reading a lot on the open topics. Very informative. Thanks. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated

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Tell him to PM me Chris, and I'll handle it.

I told him where this thread about making his own softwash system is at, so hopefully he will read it, and private message you.

I don't mind answering private messages from our members about building their own systems for softwashing roofs and exteriors at all. In fact, I do it every week. But sometimes, I feel these questions are appropriate for posting on the forum, so we can help others who have questions about what chemicals and equipment are best for incorporation into their very own softwash system that they will use to clean roofs safely with.


He is down in South Africa, and says that most roof and exterior cleaning there is done by pressure washing, and so he feels the market in Capetown would be receptive to the non pressure chemical roof and exterior cleaning method that some people call Softwashing, or simply Soft Wash, in some parts of the USA.


I hope he sticks around here long enough to learn all about softwashing roofs and exteriors, and builds his soft wash cleaning rig.

I do think that South Africa, like America, will be receptive to a non pressure "softwash" business.


Just think Gary, if he succeeds in his plans, he may very well become the first RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner in South Africa :)


South Africa is where that Oscar Pistorious track star is accused of shooting and killing his Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who was a Model!


From what I have seen and read, I think he is guilty as sin of Murder in the first degree, and I hope the South African court convicts his sorry ass.


It is not so easy for someone in South Africa to get the parts to build their own softwash system Gary, as it is for us here in North America.

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