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Seems highly inefficient.

Contract it on a twice per year basis, min 10 year contract, and do the capital investment to install a high lift, chem compatible pump system in with air and fluid lines feeding up to the top to a fluid distribution manifold feeding into four spray pumps that feed into mounted electric reels with chem hose. Install an engineered injector/proportioner to insert chem/surfactant into the main line so all that needs be transported is a premixed chem/surfactant mix. Pull up with your tanker and compressor, hook the chem tanker to the injector, hook the compressor into the air, open the water valve into the lift pump,system, turn on the lift pump, climb climb climb, harness up, grab the hoses....spray. One man stays below monitoring chems, four guys work above doing a quadrant each. Flush the lines daily with fresh water and install a return/drain line for emptying the system when finished to stop leakage from column pressure. Finished in a few weeks. Capital investment would likely be paid back after the first job. After that, gravy.

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