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By Ed Thompson


Get a Free Quote for Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in Marlboro NJ (732) 726-9261


We understand the growing need for roof cleaning and moss removal in Marlboro NJ.  This is not a "roof power washing" job.  Our pledge as a Certified Roof Cleaner in New Jersey from the Roof Cleaning Institute of America is to never use high pressure or any other abrasive method to remove moss from a roof.  We use only non-pressure methods to reduce any granular loss from the roofing shingles.  Our approach is more like "pest control" which creates a longer lasting clean to the shingle.  In most cases we never step foot on the roof.  Black stains on a roof are treated in the same manner.  Black roof stains are a particular strand of bacteria that can feed on the limestone filler in the shingle.  Pressure washing a roof will not kill this type of bacteria.  Our specially calibrated detergent can eliminate these stains, and we guarantee it with our exclusive 5 Year Spot Free Warrantee.


For more information on roof cleaning and moss removal in Marlboro New Jersey please visit our website http://thompsonpowerwashing.com/roof_cleaning.php or call us at (732) 726-9261.


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