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We at Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc. specilize in the cleaning and preservation of wood/cedar shakes shingle roofs. We have been serving the Greater Midwest for years now and have expanded into the Northeast and now are expanding into the Mid Altantic Region with our wood/cedar shakes roof cleaning and preservation service. Visit www.cedarshakesroofcleaning.com for a complete over view of our process i.e. videos, results i.e. before & after pictures, and customer satisfaction i.e. testimonials.

Not only does your wood/cedar roof need to be maintained/cleaned, it also has to be done with great care and knowledge of cedar roofs. There is a difference between those that will clean a wood/cedar roof and those that clean wood/cedar roofs. From viewing our web site and the hundreds of cleanings we have performed it is clear we are wood/cedar roof cleaners.

We considering having your wood/cedar roof cleaned and maintained. Make sure to do your research as to the experience and knowledge of the service being provided and to verify. Wood/cedar roofs have been around for centuries and have a very long life span if properly maintained. If the provider does not have the knowledge and experience needed to maintain a wood/cedar roof the results could be a shorten life span. So always research and verify.

When researching the need to care for a wood/cedar roof start with the http://www.cedarbureau.org/installation-and-maintenance/ and the USDA Foresty Service http://www.fpl.fs.fed.us/documnts/fplgtr/fpl_gtr202.pdf.

When researching a servcie provider with knowledge and experience and a proven track record start with www.cedarshakesroofcleaning.com .

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