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12% Pool store Chlorine or 65-70% Calcium hypochlorite pool shock?

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I've never experimented with Calcium Hypochlorite/Powder.

I read a lot of negative things about it when I was a member in the

old forum.


I wish it worked well though!!!  Because S.H. is not as easy to get in Erie, PA.

I have to buy it in 5 gallon jugs from a pool supplier.


I agree with not experimenting on other peoples roofs.  This goes with all roofing products.

I tend to stay away from the "New" products until they prove themselves. 


I get my SH delivered out of PA - all the way to Virginia!  They bring a tanker down whenever I call them.  Look a bit harder - check with the local pools, water municipalities etc.  If it's rural where you are, ask the chicken farmers where THEY get it.  Seriously.

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That is a great video !  Chris your are so right about this subject. Why do others insist on changing the process that you have painstakingly proved to be the best way to clean ?  

I don't know Brother, maybe for their own personal profit ?

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So I read this thread, because yesterday I bought two packs of HTH granular pool shock which is Calcium Hypochlorite.  Apparently I need to take that back ASAP.  That said, my other take away is using a liquid and not CH but rather SH.  I can pick this up at Leslie Pool supply.  But what I'm missing is the dilution or mixture ratio.  I have a 5 gallon detergent container.  Can someone help with this?  I'm using a downstream injector with an Xjet wand.

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