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To each his own, as far as roof cleaning marketing goes. And, as long as what you are doing is working for you, keep doing it.

I have always tried to keep some "mystery" in the non pressure roof cleaning process itself.

I never did time lapse videos, but a long time ago, I did shoot videos showing the roof cleaning process we use.

The results were not good guys, at least for us, and so I took the videos down.

Once the customers saw how easy and fast it was to clean a roof, I got responses like this " WTF do you mean 1200.00, when all your guys are gonna do is spray some stuff on my roof, then rinse it off the plants"

I found that my "how we do it videos" greatly devalued roof cleaning jobs, and went back to only before and after pictures! 


We also must remember that not only customers, but potential Competitors watch these videos, then say "Screw them, I can clean roofs too, if that's all there is to it" !


Just to play Devils Advocate here for a minute,  once you put any exactly how we do it video on the Internet, a competitor can tear you a new ass. Like this " They didn't even cover your plants, nor did they rinse, and all that shit will come down and kill your plants when it rains" 

Then, if you show you cover the plants, I will simply say " Don't hire them, they will cover and cook your plants in the Sun" !

I will "find fault" with whatever you are so generous to put out there on video for me, and other competitors.

Or, if you do show you rinse the roof right away, with tarps still on the plants or not, I will simply say "They rinsed the roof too quickly, and did not allow enough dwell time to insure a complete algae spore kill"

And guess what, you "cooked your own Goose", by providing your competitors with enough video "proof" to rip you a new ass.


Never underestimate your enemies (competitors), and never underestimate the amount of people who will quickly become your new roof cleaning competitors, once you show them in a video how easy it is to clean roofs.


I have been training new roof cleaners nearly 20 years, and almost all of them tell me "Chris, if I had known how easy it was to clean roofs, I would have done this a long time ago".

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That's awesome, What kind of camera did you use?

Post#2: Very cool.!! We have been using the GoPro camera to do the same.

Post#7: We use a GoPro camera set for time lapse recording.

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Noticed that you guys didn't rinse off. Is this just personal preference or recommended to not rinse off?

Looks like it was pretty much all GM. You can get away with it as long as you have gutters. On roofs without gutters or roofs with a lot of moss, rinsing is probably gonna happen.

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