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Huge savings on SH

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I'm sure many of you already buy your SH this way but I just started.  For the past several years, I have been buying my SH by the case.  The local pool supply shop gave me a great deal @ $10.50/ 4 gallon case of 12.5% SH.  I just recently asked about 55 gallon drums.  Not only is it 2/3 the cost, it is 17% SH so I use a lot less.  I use a 275 gallon holding tank.  I buy 5 drums at a time and unload them all into the tank using a transfer pump.  That way I get my $50 deposit for each back the same day.  Now instead of having to individually pour the SH in the mix gallon by gallon, I just pump out what I need.  Much quicker, cleaner, and cheaper. Never go back.

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