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Kaylee Flemings

Learning by small steps

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How do I need to learn roof cleaning as we live in a world that changing so faster that you are not ready with all updates?


Look at the new iPhone. It changes every year. And this is not so easy to keep track of all new things. Sometimes I get frustrated with these roof cleaning things. I've graduated a university, started to work and wanna be a good specialist.

And it doesn't come so easy to me as I need to make some efforts in order to be on the track I want. 

One of the most important things that I need in modern reality is the ability to learn. Not simple learning, but fast learning. 

This is not that I've learned at university at all. And  I need patience for what I wanna do as it takes time to insert into my life.

All the same, the university gave me the background that I can use for my further roof cleaning improvements. 

I wanna say that there was a time when I used some trick that helps me to do all tasks on time. Learning with support of the roof cleaning service 

I know that it is judged by the university, but at all, it kept away all stress and depression that I could have and spent money on the therapist. 


Learning by small steps. What does it mean? After my graduation, I started to find ways how to make faster my learning in which way I should learn. For that time I couldn't find the decision on my own. That was the reason why I went through a therapist session.

It helped me to find out that I am emotionally healthy and everything about my feelings is ok. She suggested me to pay attention to how I like to learn, do I like it at all, can I find ways that help me.

From that time I started to learn about myself, about my body, about my brain, about my behavior, about my reaction.

It wasn't so easy as I used to think as it took some time. Although, I was ready for that and happy that I'm ok. I started to feel the taste of roof cleaning. 


Reverting to the art of small things. I've realized that huge projects come from small decisions made every day. You cannot eat an elephant all told. You will eat it by parts. 

This works for everything in life. At first, you need some time to think about what way you will go.

In order to understand it better, let's take an example. Learning a new language.


The best way is to take a tutor and creating a roof cleaning program. This is a huge program, but you will get the lessons. 

You will do the tasks every day. I wanna say that this process at first won't be visible. You can see no progress.

But you cannot expect the result immediately. You will see it in a year or maybe later. And it will be okay. 

Everyone has a unique way of learning roof cleaning. Bu the most important are actions. The more you train the more you gain.


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