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Stone Roof

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Anyone ever clean a stone roof?

I haven't checked it out but the customer says its stone not slate. 

I imagine the standard roof mix would work just fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.



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Related image

Checked out the roof today and it's not stone.

More like these above.

Possibly reclaimed French Flat roof tiles.

Looks like these things will soak up the mix like a sponge.

Maybe you FL guys have seen these but here in the north east not so much.

I'm still thinking standard mix but I think I'll do a test area first. 

Any tips for this.


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It will cleanup just like every other roof cleans up. You will probably need at least 40% and maybe 50% ratio to get it clean and might have to hit some of it more than once but it will work. I would tell the owner the algae stains will be gone when you leave but the lichen will still be there but not very noticeable and dead as a hammer. It will decay and weather off in a few weeks. 

Also, don’t be surprised if those tiles “bleed” color when you clean them. It won’t hurt anything but might scare you if it happens. 

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