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Spunky Maroo

Interested in Arkansas

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Hello All,

I am in Central Arkansas, and a friend and I would like to start a “Curb Appeal” business.  I am getting into real estate, and early on I have stumbled upon conversations about soft washing capabilities and it would seem most of the population here is unaware of the product/results.

But, I am worried about the risks!

I have heard that a “proper” soft wash solution (3:7 or 2:3 of 12.5%) will scorch a lawn and flowerbed.  I can respect that with fast results should come proper care and preparation.  I’ve also heard that the only tried and true method to prevent that is to have a 2nd guy spraying.  Well, we would only have one.  I know I mentioned the pair of us were starting this venture, but I have a job I need to maintain to keep the marketing going (which I am confident about).  And, we have no desire to hire a 3rd employee.

So, The question is this:

If one guy goes out to soft wash a single story home with moderate plant life around, AND NO WATER GUY, are we asking for trouble?  I would hate to make money on 9 homes and then lose it all on the 10th.

Or, am I overthinking it?  We also want to do concrete, there are a lot of large driveways around here, but there are small areas as well.  8gpm and 36” too much of an investment?

Our wish list is the following:  6x12 enclosed trailer, 8gpm 3500 psi Pro, X-Jet, Bandit Roof System, 36” Whisper, 225 gal container, 50 gal container.  My measurements say that will fit, but maybe some of you know from experience that it will not.

Is training for this kind of thing a waste of money?

Thank you for any input, 

Mike Z - Little Rock

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