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ONE 17 gpm KYNAR/Santoprene All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump to Transfer Full Strength SH AND Softwash for $650 
40-60' Vertical Reach 
Manufactured in Mentor Ohio USA
5 Year Warranty 5-10 average Lifespan with Everyday Use

Use 1" Non-Collapsible Suction Hose Assemblies with crimped on hose ends plus Original Slotted PVC Filters for Sodium Hypochlorite mounted at the bottom of the tanks.  You can save the cost of shipping a couple of pieces of 1" SCH 40 PVC pipe you can supply from the local hardware store to install into the tanks to connect the bulkheads to the Original Slotted PVC Filters for Sodium Hypochlorite at the bottom of the tanks.  Install a camlock (only if you really absolutely need to) on one of the tanks to allow you to use the suction hose to transfer chemical up to your rig.  Using too many camlocks or extra parts is only good for the supplier, not you. Do use a really good quality regulator like the AFREGS and make certain that the air is quite dry and clean.  You must use a separate regulator to protect your AODD pump in the air line and not just rely on the compressor's regulator.   We've seen too many blown air valves on brand new Yamada, Price, Sandpiper and ARO pumps recently.  Installing a separate regulator is worth the extra $64.40 for the 1/2" pump and ~$90-120 for the 3/8"-1/2" regulator assemblies for the higher cfm pumps.

For a transfer diagram, please see the link:  

If you need detailed assistance finding parts or even finding a better deal on SH near you, just ask me!  I'm happy to help you.  I've helped thousands of guys lower their cost on finding SH.


Protect the air valve on the pump by installing the Tsunami (purchased online) between the regulator and pump.  







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