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Looking for advice on building our own specific to our needs Soft Wash System.

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We've owned and operated a Window Cleaning business for a long time and have pressure washed homes for a while too. I'm looking to build a system where I can apply solutions to (or prime) buildings 3 or more stories high. We also do not want a bulky system. We'd like to outfit a couple large enough tanks to our existing van with pumps etc to do the job right. I have some great ideas already I'm just unsure on what the right equipment I need to do so is, or if there's anything I'm not aware of.

Any takers?

Ben E.

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Well, I'm happy to help.  Have you been able to research 12 volt vs Air?


12 volt uses more than twice the chemical and offers no real warranty (unless Northern tool is willing to provide it).  12 Volt 'seems' simple but is slow and you are controlled by your pump.  The nozzle required to maintain an operating pump (without causing the death of the pressure switch) is very large.  It is usually around the size of a black soap nozzle off your pressure washer or a 0040-0050 using various spraying patterns to apply chemical.  

Air is very reliable and offers a 5 year warranty from most KYNAR body pumps with Santoprene diaphragms.  The All-Flo 17 gpm 1/2" pump can be used to TRANSFER AND SOFTWASH!  It will shoot 40'-60' through a 5/8" hose stripped off the reel using a 1/2" full port ball valve and a 0020 or a 0025 meg nozzle.  The pump uses less than half the chem compared to 12 Volt pumps and can run ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG or at least until the gas powered compressor runs out of gas.   It is powered by a minimum of a 6.5 gas hp compressor or larger.  Supply the AODD WITH A 125 gallon tank or larger for a system that will pay for itself very quickly and offer many years of profit and reliability.  Add some SLO Mo Original Softwash Surfactant for your SH.

Keep these systems simple.  You only make the distributor happier when you add extra parts.  

Stay away from camlocks whenever you can.  They will fail.  Sometimes, you can't avoid a camlock connection.  You do not need a camlocks on a brand new pump inlet and outlet connect unless you  anticipate failure.  

Do not install check valves.  

Three way ball valves are great for transferring chemical.  

Always use SCH 80 PVC instead of polypropylene fittings.  Polypropylene is soft and often has fiberglass mixed in to add strength.  Fiberglass is degraded by UV rays and SH.  

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