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New Outlaw Mini. Hand Held Air Diaphragm Pump System

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INTRODUCING...The New Outlaw Mini. Our Version of a "Pump in a Box". 



We've hinted about this one for a long time and some of you have even placed orders sight unseen. We just picked up the first enclosures today, will be making some slight modifications to the design. But...I promised a lot of guys we'd have something today. So...here is the deal. 


A 5 Gallon Per Minute air diaphragm pump, capable of spraying nearly any chemical from hydrochloric acid to Sodium Hydroxide. Coatings, stains, acids, etc. 

A Pump System that can run off a $99 plug in air compressor and for those with existing air diaphragm systems, can plug right into the compressor on your truck. 

A System that can run as much as 200 ft of 1/2" spray hose...so YES, it CAN spray a roof. Or Fence. Or Deck, or siding. Or PAVER SEALER. Or stain. Or fungicide. Or Oxalic acid. As long as the viscosity is close to water, it will spray it. 

A System that has complete nozzle flexibility. Can spray a large 050 nozzle or soap nozzle for tons of volume...but can throttle back to as small as an 005 nozzle for fine mist application. No more massive overspray when doing decks or fences. YOU select the nozzle flow and pattern you need...not what works only with the pump. Can run in stall mode all day long with zero penalty. 

A System that is self cooled. It literally cannot overheat because compressed air is cold. 

A System that costs $35 to replace the diaphragms on, can be serviced in 20 minutes with a flathead and a philips screwdriver. 

A System that measures a mere 9 inches, by 7 inches by 6 inches...and comes with a carrying handle. 

A System with a replaceable pump that can be changed in 10 minutes on the job site should the need arise. 

A System that needs a mere 1/4" air line to run it instead of towing 1/2" spray lines across your customer's property. 

All of this...For one easy payment of only $399 plus shipping. 

Available for pre-orders now. Shipping in 3 weeks. Demo videos are coming.


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