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The customer wants us to clean his aluminum siding and gutters removing any oxide in addition to the dirt and mildew. He said the last time he cleaned it, he brushed the entire house with a TSP solution. I don't mind scrubbing it for $1450. We can use the standard soft wash mix with SH but that will not remove the oxide. To remove all the oxide, would you recommend brushing it with TSP, Aluminum Brighter or something else?




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you can use any degreaser and it should work..Red raider, Gutter butter, EBC, hell purple power or whatever will most likely work just make sure you do test spots.

Indeed.  It's getting to be like the NASCAR circuit with all of this so-called product name dropping.   Who ever thought there'd be money to be made by simply re-branding readily available, and common chemicals.  Ignorance abounds  :-)

Dave - you're referring to oxidation, right?  I'd be very careful with aluminum; if it's been done in the past, that factory finish could be getting very thin.  Can't help you with the TSP questions.  Although it's still legal here in Va, we won't use it do to environmental concerns.


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