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Twin Spray Capability.

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I've talked a lot to customers about the advantages of being able to dual spray.  Here is a perfect example of a project where this capability is ideal  I booked an entire street of Townhomes. 41000 square ft of roof with the road running right down the middle. Mostly low pitch single story. And this is EXACTLY the type of project that this kind of capability will make all the difference on. I'm going to set our flatbed up with an Outlaw-D twin pump skid running twin spray hoses. We'll literally drive up the street doing the roofs on both sides simultaneously. Two crewmen on the roof. One applying SH, a second following behind rinsing. I'll hire two ground crew to ground crew and rinse down the plants/etc. A trailer will be set up behind the truck with an air transfer system to transfer SH into the onboard SH storage tank. We have a 20 GPM Udor rinse pump that can drive two hoses simultaneously that will provide the rinsing action. Doing this, I believe we can have all the roofs cleaned in a single day. 

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