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Grant Register

Upgrading air diaphragm pump.

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I'm running a 1/2 yamada pump on 200ft of 5/8 hose. It's run flawless for the last 1.5 years.  Whats the best pump going right now and why? 

Welcome to the RCIA Grant !

Apple Roof Cleaning was basically built on the 1/2 Inch Yamada pump, the black one that's made from Kynar.  However, the last of my "fleet" of 3 Yamada pumps, died a few years ago. Some were rebuilt 4 times! 

Lately, we have been using the 1/2 Allflow pump, and noticed no drop off in either performance, or longevity. LOL, only time will tell if it is capable of being rebuilt 3 times, like the Yamada.

Kevin Enderle has actually done flow and distance tests of some air pumps. Some brands of air pumps use less air then others, because they are either more efficient, or the company is lying about the efficiency of their pump!

As far as "The Very Best" air pump goes, there is a small American pump maker out in California called Price Pumps. They sell their pumps to California Farmers, who have to spray Acid on their soil out there. 

For a given amount (SCFM) of air, the Price Pumps are claimed to give more GPM. They are built like Tanks, and priced accordingly.



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