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Cool  deal. I  built a similar setup last year. I  do a lot of short but long retaining walls. I combined 2 Senco compressors together and for low volume spraying, they work great! They run much quieter than a larger compressor and if one goes down, I can still work with the other.

I ran a slightly more complex delivery system with dual regulators so I can run two seperate spray guns simultaneously without the need to keep adjusting a single regulator for multiple spraying tasks.

I too added a small 1 gallon auxiliary tank for more cfm which really comes in handy when flushing out the lines with a wide open valve.

I run a large RV battery in my trailer which powers a 3000w inverter supplying a 20a breaker. With each compressor only drawing 4a, it works great.

Obviously, this isn't ideal for large spraying jobs. For those tasks, I run the Bandit...

For the low volume spraying jobs which have a lot of vegetation which needs to be protected, the single/tandem small compressors work great running my flojet pump. Similar to the Outlaw system but with 2 compressors rather than just one.


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