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ALL DELAVAN PUMPS ON SALE: $175 Fatboy FB2 RCIA Sale Until Supplies Last

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Hello RCIA!

For those of you whom use the 12 volt pumps and have guttered homes and buildings, we are offering a Delavan Pump sale!

For a limited time, the FB2 or Fatboy 7870-101Y is $175.  Buy it here  This is the new and improved 7 gpm 12Volt pump up to 100 psi.  This is the most popular pump for Softwashing high pitch roofs with gutters besides the AODD pumps!

5850-104E is $145 5 gpm 110 volt On Demand Pump  Buy it here

5850-201E is $115 5 gpm 12 Volt 60 psi On Demand Pump*****2nd Most Popular for Softwashing  Buy it here

7870-101E is $175 7 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt On Demand (Formerly known as the Fatboy)  Buy it here

7812-101E is $60  2 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt On Demand Pump great for apply sealer  Buy it here

5850-111E is $115 5 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt BYPASS pump  Buy it here

Remember to pick up an 'Original Suction Hose Assembly with Slotted Tank Filter (AG16TF08-D)  Buy the Original Slotted SH Filter Here

How to Install and Plumb a 12 Volt Softwash Pump by Pressure Washer Products and Rex, The Pump Guru


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We are overstocked and moving!! Moving extra equipment is soooo fun!

Take advantage of it if you need it but remember that you can't control the flow too much even with an accumulator.  

Dont forget the Suction Hose Assembly with The Original Slotted Filter for SH!

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