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Hello RCIA!  I thought I would post a quick pic of a custom softwash rig.  This rig is compact.  I apologize that I do not have more pictures.  

The customer drove to us and installed the equipment himself under the direction of our In House Pump Guru, Rex!  The new softwasher chose a 1/2" 17 gpm All-Flo air diaphragm pump, 200' of 1/2" Flex Tech RT with crimped on hose ends stored on a full frame Titan hose reel, a crimped, non-collapsible suction hose assembly with a sleeve and slotted filter, crimped and cut to custom length jump hose to the reel from the pump, a very high quality SH gun with an assortment of nozzles for various applications.  He has an 8 gpm 3500 psi cold pressure washer to use for rinsing after softwashing using large orifice nozzles,surface cleaning and of course, pressure washing.  The tanks are 325 gallons and 125 gallons horizontal leg tanks secured by crimped coated stainless steel cable.  The compressor is a BE air compressor.

I apologize for not providing more pictures.  I have many thousands of pics of custom rigs and am open to suggestions on setting up a gallery.

Exciting Side Note!!!!! Thanks to our incredible customers, we have if been growing and are moving to a new location in Clearwater very shortly.  Stay tuned for the official announcement!




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