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Suggestions on a.o.d.d.

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Would either of these pumps worth purchasing? I am weighing the options between an air setup and 12 volt, with overall price being a large factor in the decision, as I have a limited start up budget.




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First is a Chinese pump. Biggest question there will be parts availability. They do like a lot of air. 

Graco is a decent pump, but very air hungry which means it wants a big compressor. Air end kits are easy to do but a bit spendy. Also...WHAT Floroelastimer on the diaphragms? 

One thing to keep in mind on used pumps is that they are a gamble. They often need air ends. The whole "tested" thing typically means "we plugged air in and it made puffing noises so it must work". Testing to me means testing with fluids and testing under pressure with a long draw to make sure it has a strong pull.  99% of the pump sellers on Ebay do not do this. That particular seller is pretty reliable but I've even got pumps from them that were supposedly tested but ended up having blown diaphragms. 

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