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Service area map?

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I am in the process of getting my business all set up, and was wondering if anyone uses a map on the website for service areas. My thought is that using a service area map as a visual reference would be more effective than just listing all the cities or counties that we will work in. 

So my question would be, do you use a map on your website, and if so which plug in do you prefer, and for what resin?

Also I have to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this fourm. The things I have learned from the open side of it, especially the marketing section, has been a real blessing to me, as I have zero experience in marketing. So again thank you all very much.

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I use to have a map of my county and the surrounding counties on my website. However, I keep getting calls outside of this area in which I perform the jobs. I also add in $ for drive time etc.. So I removed the map and just put the whole state of Indiana picture on my website. In doing so I wanted to let customers know, I will drive anywhere in the state if it's worth the money. Heck I would drive anywhere if and provide services if it were worth the money. So when you post a map on your site make sure it's a big area, otherwise you may deter customers. 

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