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Used Puma Compressor ???

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Ok so I am back and forth on the electric vs air debate. I won't elaborate on the indecision I'm going through because there is plenty of info already on the forum to make an educated decision ( eventually ) :) 

I have read and understand it's common practice to purchase used compressors off diff auction sites and or craigslist type sites. If I was to decide to go the air route (still conflicted) and buy a used compressor I do not know what to ask the seller about it. What do I need to know besides if it runs, which is all the site says " runs great". What components should I inquire about mechanically. Should I be concerned with age or cosmetic issues. 

Nowhere on the forum have I seen Puma brand referenced or discussed. I've tried plenty of searches but no luck. It has a honda engine and a 30 gal tank. 13 hp and 24 cfm at 90 psi. 

I looked it up new and it is way more than the asking price but I just don't know what to look for if I drive the two hrs to go see it. Any advice on the brand and what I should be inspecting mechanically and asking about would be appreciated. I'm going to try and upload a pic of the manufactures sticker with it's specs.



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Couldn't attach spec pic. Not sure what I'm doing I guess lol. Here is the model number (TUK13030HGE). Thanks for putting up with my technical incompetence 

That is a large air compressor, and will run most any air pump we use for roof cleaning. If it starts right up, looks decent, and runs good, and is a good deal, buy it.

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