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Jim Ordway

Deck covering for enclosed Cargo Trailer

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I have an enclosed 7x14 trailer and I want to get the plywood coated before I install an air pump system. More precisely, I want it done so when I pick up my compressor I do not have to load/unload/load, I can just get it into the trailer and install it.

1.  What is the best coating to use?  Deck paint, stain, 2-part epoxy?

2.  Should the plywood be primed before coating?  I've been using the trailer for a year now, some gas/oil has more than likely gotten on it.

Is there any other tips or tricks you'd recommend when covering the decking?

I'm new to the forum, so if this topic has been covered already I apologize.   I have been searching and reading through so many posts in preparation of switching to air and I am impressed by the sheer amount of knowledge shared here.  


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Well I got the trailer coated.  If you're interested in what I used, here it is:
Primer:   Devguard 4160 Multi-Purpose Tank & Structural Primer
Walls:     Devguard 4308 Alkyd Industrial Enamel
Floor:     Devoe Bar-Rust 235 (2-part Epoxy)
All of these coatings play nicely with SH.  The Primer is overkill for the Enamel paint but is strong enough to be covered with the epoxy.  I coated everything with the primer, then did the walls and followed with the floor epoxy.  It's not a one day project, but the results are awesome and was worth the time put into it.
The first test:  I picked up a compressor from Kevin Enderle 2 1/2 days after the last epoxy coat went on the floor.  The compressor slid on the floor (500 lbs) and no scratches.  Kevin will attest, I am sure, that the smell in the trailer was still a little strong.



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