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THE WAIT IS OVER! Introducing the Outlaw Roof Cleaning/Chem Pump System!

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At The Pump Man, we’ve been listening to our cleaning clients. And we’ve heard you loud and clear. 


You are tired of the problems with electric pumps and LOVE the idea of an Air Diaphragm Pump System for the flexibility and the reliability. But…many of you just don’t NEED a large air pump system when what many of you are doing is smaller walkable roofs or spraying decks or concrete. AND…you wish it didn’t come with a gas motor so it was quieter and without the fumes. You want a compact package that could go into a smaller space in your van/trailer/pickup/truck. And, if it was portable for things like deck sprays would be a huge bonus. 


Your Wish is Granted.


Introducing the Outlaw Roof Cleaning system. We’ve taken all your requests and put them in a blender. What came out combines a compact, chemical resistant 3/8" Air Diaphragm pump with an electric compressor. The result is a compact, reasonably quiet, reliable pump system with exceptional output volume for the size…on wheels. It easily fits in nearly any truck and unlike most pump systems, can be quickly removed for storage or portable applications. Because it is an Air Diaphragm pump system, it can spray with nearly ANY spray tip. Need an 010 nozzle to apply Citric to some cedar or some paver sealer...no problem. Got a section of house you need to hit and all you have onboard is 40% roof mix and you can't afford a lot of runoff? Toss on a 3.5 25 and go to town. Roof Sprays throw on your legacy roof pump 4 banger and start spraying. You can tailor your pump spray tip for your needs without any worries about short cycling or needing an accumulator. 


The Compressor.

An Air Diaphragm Pump requires…TADA!…Air. The problem is, most all air compressors are either really small electrics without enough CFM to drive an air diaphragm pump…or they are gas powered and thus larger and louder.  Now, we are certainly big fans of larger gas powered compressor driven air diaphragm pump systems. We sell and use some of the largest and most powerful air diaphragm pump cleaning systems on the market. But there are times when you just don’t have the room or need to run a larger system. The compressor we use is compact. Measuring in at a mere 30” wide and 21” deep, it will easily fit in nearly any rig. It is Oil Lubed with a constant duty rated motor system which means it is actually designed to last. And…yes. Yes it is a plug in compressor because there simply aren’t any 12V compressors with the output to run an AODD pump. 


Is it a Cheap System?

We are known for building no compromise 1” Air Screw Compressor Driven monster roof pump systems, and we operate an active, multi-truck roof cleaning operation where we use what we sell. If it saves money and holds up...we'll recommend it. But if it breaks multiple times a year, then regardless of price, it isn't cheap...it is expensive and it isn't going to be on our truck or offered to our clients. Sure, you can buy a cheaper pump package…then a year later, a lot of you have already replaced the pump three times, replaced relays, pressure switches, and your reel manifold is starting to leak and flashes red rust every time you start the system up. We know this because you are calling us bitching about it and wanting info on an air diaphragm system. When we developed this package, we put in everything you need for a small, reliable, hassle free system and we didn’t skimp in the areas where it really counts because this is a machine designed to MAKE YOU MONEY.  


What IS included? 

Because we know that all you want to do is pull up to the job, plug it in and start pumping, we’ve included the hookup hose to your tank. We'll let you decide whether to use a dip tube or draw from a bulkhead because that argument is akin to how many angels on the head of a pin. You are an adult and can make your own decision. The system includes a chem rated check valve at the end of the hose. Because many of you already have reels and hoses in place, we decided to offer a basic package without a reel and hose. The system IS available with a reel and chem spray hose mounted for roof cleaning. Every System includes a chem feed suction line with check valve, and a Shockblocker. More on that in a minute. 



What Reel and Hose?

Here is the deal…the reels used with most chem spray systems suck as roof cleaning reels. Why? Because they are PRESSURE WASHER REELS...and never designed for roof cleaning mix strength chemicals. The problem is, they use metal manifolds and these manifolds rust, rot and leak...even though they prolong the inevitable by using a stainless manifold. "Luke, you don't know the POWER of the SH...I MUST Corrode".  We've had plenty of experience with this. So…if we are going to sell you a reel, it is going to be a reel that won’t rust and it won’t be some cheesy Chinese knock off.  Our reel is custom built by Hannay. And it has NO FLUID MANIFOLD. Our design completely eliminates it. No more rusted manifolds to leak. It is the same design found on our cost no object monster systems. The hose we include is 200' of Flex-Tech hose. This is what we use on our trucks and we’ve found it has held up beautifully. Best of all, they will drop ship right to you which saves you money.  


HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?

The Basic Outlaw System runs $1095. The Outlaw System with Reel/Hose Package runs $1795. Add $250 for the Kynar Pump Version. Every system includes a 10' chem suction hose, cam lock pump fittings, and a Shockblocker. 


Questions and Answers. 


Q. How Much does it pump? 

A. With the compressor we’ve chosen and the pump we’ve chosen through the proper size   hose, this system will pump a solid 5 GPM on the roof through an open 200' spray hose. That is actual, timed flow. No “7 GPM” fudged figures. That is the actual measured output through the hose, through the reel, thru the spray valve into a bucket…UP ON A single story 4/12 pitch ROOF. Not a theoretical “maybe it can”. Obviously the height of the roof matters, but that is true no matter what pump system you use and if you are doing 6 story buildings, you need one of our no compromises 1” Air Screw Driven Pump Systems. 


Q. “But…But…the FatPentaNSQFlexBoy pump does 7 GPM!” 

Uh…no. No it doesn’t.  The most popular electric pumps out there ARE all honesty rated at 7 GPM…but there is  a serious FUDGE FACTOR happening in that output rating. YES, they will do that amount of output, but ONLY if you run them at under 10 PSI without any hose and no vertical lift up onto a roof with a 13.2 Volt stable power supply. Problem is, NOBODY runs their pumps without hose, on the ground at 10 PSI, off a power supply. They run them at 60 PSI, through 200ft of 1/2” hose, hooked to a battery, with a flow restricted manifolded reel, and then they spray up on a roof.…at which point the pump is a 4 GPM pump with a FRESH topped off battery. A lot of guys crank them up even further to 80 or 100 PSI in order to overcome the lift head pressures, dropping the output down even further. When we say our system will do the output we quote, that means it was tested in the real world, not the fantasy pump spec world. And because it is an air diaphragm pump and 120 V power doesn’t run out, it will pump the same amount at the end of the day vs the beginning of the day. Want to leave it running all week…no problem, as long as the client has paid their electric bill.  


Q. "How Far will it Shoot"?

A. The answer with ANY pump system is…it depends. This will equal a 12 volt system with the right nozzle. If you really, honestly need 70 feet, then you are going to need to invest in a 1" AODD pump system. But here is the reality…a large percentage of roof cleaners are cleaning single story roofs or small to medium roofs from the gutter line. Many walk the roof. If you do big commercial buildings, mega mansions and require very large distances, our bigger pumps systems are just waiting for you. But most cleaners start out smaller. And a LOT of guys do just fine with 2.8 or 4 GPM (real world) electric pumps...so chances are you'll do fine with this one. 



Q. Wait…your compressor is 120V PLUG IN? Isn’t it available in 12 Volt? 

Yes it is 120V plug in and no, it isn’t available in 12 Volt. Why? Because in order for you to run an air diaphragm pump at a reasonable output, you have to have a certain quantity of CFM Air flow. There is NO 12 volt air compressor that will do this. Believe us, we looked. And even it if was available, the battery bank that would be required would be stupidly large and expensive. The simple fact of the matter is, nearly every residential job site has power. Building contractors, remodeling contractors, and Handymen run AC Powered compressors all day, every day on job sites all over the world. Nearly all modern homes have at least one outdoor circuit. If you need, a small generator can run this compressor for the few times when you are on sites without power. Is that another piece of equipment? Yup,  But the reality is, if you find yourself on sites that have no power a lot, like a lot of commercial jobs which tend to be larger anyways... you probably need a gas powered air pump setup anyways. We can help! 


Q. BUT…BUT 120 Volt…and water…that scares me! 

As well it should! The reality is, pretty much all outdoor circuits are GFCI protected and we include a Shockshield GFCI in line breaker with every unit. Fact is, we’ve spent years in one of our other company divisions doing mold remediation service in wet crawlspaces with 120V power with the ShockShields. We’ve never been zapped and we don’t want our clients being Zapped either. There are always fire risks with 12 Volt systems too…and you don’t see people posting about that! Point is, don’t do stupid stuff like dunking the power cord followed by your arm into the mix tank or running the cord into a big puddle of water then jumping in the puddle. Most electrical systems are designed to be idiot proof. If the cord gets cut…replace it, same as you would replace a spray hose. Be smart and like the thousands of other contractors who use electric compressors on construction sites, you’ll be fine. 



Q. How big does my power cord need to be? Is it included?

A  We recommend 10 Gauge 3 conductor power cord. You can get away with 12Ga but the compressor is gonna be happier with the bigger cable. 100 ft should be enough for most residential projects. Should run about $90 to purchase. No, we don’t include a cord because many contractors already own them, plus a lot of guys are going to have different needs for different cord lengths. 



Q. How often does the pump need to be changed? Can it be serviced? 

Every few years. The pump material we’ve chosen is chemical resistant Polypropylene which is more resistant that the pump material in the electrics. We also have an upgrade version available in nuclear waste proof Kynar (no…really, it can pump nuclear waste!). You WILL need to service the air end and change the diaphragms every so often, but those are easy, inexpensive and we can do them for you in the off season if you need. 


Q. Will this blow the breaker?

The answer is…it depends. In our experience, assuming you are serving reasonably modern properties, then no. If they can run a drill or an electric power washer, then you can likely run the compressor. The compressor we chose is highly efficient and assuming a clear circuit, won’t blow a typical outdoor breaker. Did we blow them in testing? Yes, once. And we just switched to a garage circuit and kept spraying. Now…if other things like a sump pump, fountain, etc. are wired into the same circuit, you may need to either unplug them, or ask the client if you can use a garage circuit. Many garage circuits are 20 Amp. Is this a bit of a pain? Sure…but so is recharging a battery and dealing with electric pumps that blow up. Man up cupcake and find a circuit that works. 


Q. Can this run off a generator? 

Yes. To be safe, use one capable of 2 KW. There are a ton of compact, hand carried 2K running power generators from Harbor Freight, Honda, etc. Most contractors already have one in their arsenal. 


Q. Do you have a complete skid package available with a tank?

Working on it! Most tank systems are side by side which makes zero sense from a ROOF cleaning standpoint. You want to have your raw SH tank and your mix tank. We are working on a skid package with a gravity feed system with twin tanks which will fit into a 32" square space. 



Q. Can this be used for Soft Washing?

Heck yeah! It makes a GREAT soft washing system! Also, works great to put chemicals on concrete, wood and flatwork. For you power wash contractors who do large volume concrete work and are sick of 12 volt pumps failing with SH, this is the ticket!  


Q. Can this be used as a transfer pump to Transfer SH into my mix tank?

Absolutely! If you opt for the Kynar Pump option, you don't’ even need to rinse the pump out! It *is* a good idea to rinse a Poly pump with fresh water after pumping. 


Q. What is the warranty?

The system carries a 1 year warranty. 


Q. Can I run more than one of these at the same time? 

Sure…but not off the same 15 or 20 amp circuit. But if you have multiple circuits or can set up a spider box, you could have a boatload of these going. They are great for interior concrete work where you can’t run engines due to fumes. 


Q. What else can it be used for? 

Deck Sprayer. Fence Sprayer. Concrete Etcher/stain/sealer. Fungicide sprayer for mold remediation, pesticide sprayer, weed control...the uses are endless!



Q. Is there a discount for buying multiples?

A. The reality is, this isn’t a super profitable system. We are not going to get rich selling them. But it *is* fun to build. If you want 5 or more, we can talk. 




We are taking pre-orders now. We expect shipping to be Late February. Still finalizing the pump and reel mount with the fabricator. You can call us at 360-831-9494 or email Kevin at Deadmoss.com for more information.

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