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Working from the ground vs. walking on roof

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Thank you for your very detailed and kind response.  I was expecting 75'+ with the new set up and I am no where near that.  I will get a bigger air line and still waiting for my spray hose.


With respect to your 1/2" pump question, you actually bought them from me on ebay, there where 3 or 4 that I shipped out a couple of months ago.  Thank you!  I used that money to buy the 1".......might be headed back to the 1/2" when it is all said and done.  

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Most falls happen when getting on or off the ladder from the roof. 


In 191 I fell for the one and only time-while getting onto a ladder from a roof [ unfortunately, a 2 story roof, onto a new wood deck!

In 2014 my son had his only fall, it was from stepping off the ladder onto the roof.

we now do 75-90 % of all roofs from the ground or from a STEP ladder.

Watch video below-8' step ladder and all plants were being removed and replaced.

Empty, real estate work, fixing up to sell for around a million.

I did it alone for $700.00 and then they had me pressure wash everything else for another $700.00

This house is on an expensive canal, a short distance from Boca Grande and has a free standing 6 car garage all on 4 lots-including corner lot.


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