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Tallahassee Roof Cleaning 32308

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Metal Roofs need cleaning attention too! This metal roof is only 3 years old and look how dirty it has become. Much like an asphalt shingle, the "dirt" tends to multiply at a rapid pace. JUst like on dirty, algae infested asphalt shingles, and accumulation of algae, grime, and moisture can rapidly increase the deterioration factor on this type roof, causing the finish to fail prematurely. Additionally, pollen, and leaves tens to stick to the dirty metal roof , making it appear even more dirty!


One of the biggest differences in cleaning a metal roof from cleaning a shingle roof, is that they must be thoroughly rinsed. Also, wet, algae covered metal is extremely slick and dangerous to walk on, and this cleaning should ONLY be attempted by a trained professional!


A cleaning of a roof this size will typically take between 2-4 hours. If you would like more information about cleaning your roof in Tallahassee, Florida, feel free to call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning at 850-528-3226, or visit out website at http://www.spray-wash.com







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Guest A to Z Roof Cleaning

Metal roofs are not to common around me, I have installed a few in the last couple years but that's rare. I see that they are more common in Tallahassee and it looks like you clean them very well!

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