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Detergents work better and make better soap in soft water. Municipal or softened water is always best,..RO/DI is overkill for mixing with SH.  Very seldom would I ever use well water when cleaning,..it It's ok for flat work or anytime windows aren't gonna be sprayed.,..But 99% of the time I fill up at my local water authority and just buy 15,000 gallons for $120.00,..at the beginning of the season,..and I can just come and go as I please at the plant.  I fill my wash tanks as well as my roof tanks.  I also tie into city water when I can at the customers' property. 

I have seen water so hard that it had a definite orange tint to it,..which I think means very hard,..I've also seen water with alot of lime,..and it was milky white,...I wouldn't consider using those types of water.

Adding Sodium Bicarbonate to hard water will soften it,..I haven't a clue what the amount would be. Not sure what you're using for a surfactant,..but laundry soaps have water softening agents built in and would maybe be a good choice for you to use as your soap.


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