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Air Diaphragm Pump Inventory Update

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Air pump inventory update. Had a LOT more inquiries on Air pumps lately so thought aid do a quick update on inventory. Now is a good time to buy since winter is just around the corner and guys are going to be doing their rig upgrades and new rig builds for next season.

3/8" ARO Expert. Kynar/Teflon. This is THE highest output 3/8" pump available at over 10 GPM. Beautifully built NOS pump. Worth every penny of $295. One of these is going on our new truck as an oxalic pump. 

1/2". ARO Expert series pumps. New in the box. These are the half price pumps.,still 4 left. Santoprene diaphragms. The guys who have purchased these are super happy with them. $295 each.

1/2" Sandipper S05 pump. Baby version of my favorite pumps. Massively built. Poly/Teflon diaphragms. $275

Versamatic Poly pump. Cheapest pump I have right now. Works beautifully. 1 $Sold, 1 in transit.

3/4" Sandpiper 2 S075 pump. 3/4" version of our favorite monster S1f pumps. I am honestly amazed this is still here. Came from a Landry facility where it was used to pump soap. Super super clean. Poly/Teflon. $SOLD

1" Sandpiper S1F pump. Virgin Poly, Santoprene diaphragms. Brand new fluid end. Super high output. Most pump for the money. $695.

Sandpiper S1F Kynar/Teflon. Best roof cleaning pump you can buy. $1095. These are the main pumps I choose to use on my own trucks. 

Graco/Husky 1040 Kynar/Teflon. Newly installed air end. Highly efficient air wise. $795. 

Price Pump. If you know air pumps, this is a Ferrari. Poly. In rebuild. Built like a tank. $995

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