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Terry Taylor

Roof mix formulas

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Is there a spot on the site that lists the formula for different types of roofs?

What I have gathered is for Painted surfaces, vinyl, aluminum, screen & windows, playgrounds. 1% solution which is  for 100 gal use

10 gal SH

64 oz gain- ammonyx Lo

90 water

wood deck,light stained shake roof, epoxy deck use 2% solution

20 gal SH

64 oz gain- ammonyx Lo

80 water

Med stained shingles, heavy stained wood, heavy stained vinyl 3%

Infested roofs, paving, concrete 4%

I consider this medium stained or 3% roof.  What say ye

Does this sound correct?  Is there any updated info?1438643844.png

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Shake roof with weak roof mix only...bad idea. You could burn the roof with that mix. Stay away from Cedar Shake unless you know what you are doing...one of THE most expensive roofs to replace if you get it wrong. They are also extremely variable condition wise, unlike asphalt which is either cleanable/serviceable...or not. 

House mix....looks good. 

As for updated info...join as a Premium member and check out the Secrets Members only forum. 

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