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New to Roof Cleaning from Australia

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Hi there, my name is Jason and i run Excel Window Cleaning here in Newcastle 2 hrs north of Sydney Australia.Things are getting very quiet as this week i have two days off, i need to add to my business, so why not roof cleaning. Theres a million questions to ask i guess but i guess u just need either a pressure cleaner (not sure of the pressure) chemicals to remove stains of algy e.t.c I was thinking  i can hire a pressure cleaning and clean my mothers house to get the feel.. ..Anyway im sure i will get some advise here..Thankyou.


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This is a forum about NON pressure roof cleaning. Pressure cleaning is a huge NO on most every type of roof surface. The systems and conversations you will see here are all based around non pressure chemical based cleaning which is safe and approved by every roof material manufacturer (where as pressure cleaning is prohibited by nearly every roof material manufacturer). Because we use chemicals, the systems that are built are all built around chemical pumps and hoses. 

If you are serious about investing in a roof cleaning system and adding it to your services, it is recommended that you invest a piddly amount of money and become an RCIA Premium member. This gets you access to the Secrets Forum where you will find TONS of information on systems, chemicals, techniques, marketing, equipment, etc. from some of the top roof cleaners in the world. Guys who are running well established operations, some with multiple trucks in multiple cities/states. The guys on the Premium forum eat, breathe and sleep roof cleaning. 

You will also have access to Chris with Apple, the founder of this forum. Chris has forgot more about tile roofs that most people know and down in Australia, I understand you have a lot of tile roofs. 

You will find a lot of pinned articles on pump systems which tell you what to look for in a roof cleaning system, how to build it and how to make it reliable. 

There is lots of free advice out there on how to clean a roof. Premium Members don't want to clean roofs...they want to build roof cleaning Empires. 

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