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Found 71 results

  1. Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.
  2. Safeway Softwash Solutions is proud to be servicing the south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas! Not only are roof stains ugly, but they are also destructive! Did you know that Algae, Moss, and Lichen are the #1 cause of premature roof failure? If left unattended, these growths can lead to shingle deterioration, as well as causing the shingles to lift and break over time. Some Insurance companies are now requesting the homeowners get their roof cleaned before they will insure them because they realize how damaging this growth can be. A new roof can cost anywhere from $5000 - $40,000... Roof cleaning are only a fraction of that! The best way to extend the life of your roof and keep it looking new is to have your roof cleaned using our low pressure process. Note: Never allow anyone to clean your roof using a pressure washer. This will actually strip the granules from the shingle, decreasing the life of your roof! Are you a Realtor, or do you plan on selling your home soon? A clean roof creates INSTANT curb appeal! Increased curb appeal allows you to sell your home quicker and for more money! You wouldn't sell a dirty car, would you? Create a lasting first impression for your potential buyers! We also offer other services to keep your property looking new, such as House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Deck/Fence Washing, Inside/Outside Gutter Cleaning, and Window Washing. Increase Your Curb Appeal Today! Call/Text (508) 644-0790 Or visit us at: www.SafewaySoftwash.com
  3. Most homeowners don’t realize it but cedar shake roofs need to be periodically cleaned. Believe it or not a well maintained cedar roof will last a minimum of 40 years. But again the key is to keep the cedar roof cleaned. It is similar to our teeth. If we don’t periodically have our teeth examined and cleaned, we get buildup on them. After a while, our teeth start to discolor and decay hence cavities. It’s the same principle with cedar shake roofs. Cedar has natural properties to protect it from rot. However if organisms are allowed to infest the cedar, those organisms start to break down the cedar causing it to rot and decay. Go here for the rest of the story.
  4. I guess there is interest in Softwashing (Non Pressure Roof And Exterior Cleaning) all over the world. I was just messaged this on Facebook by a Forum Member from South Africa, who wants to get into a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Business. Hi Chris. Please could you assist me in what the exact equipment one would need to start a small yet effective and efficient roof cleaning business. I live in South Africa, and I am having a look into a the possibility of doing this part time. South Africans do not soft wash...maybe it is time we alter our way of cleaning roofs and exteriors other than always using high pressure. I recently joined your forum and have been reading a lot on the open topics. Very informative. Thanks. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. I do not know if any of the members have stink bug infestations in your areas. Just straightened out an entire home with 10%SH mix with heavy surfactant. Focus on the cracks, jambs, crevices on the home. http://www.tartanwindowcleaning.com
  6. The Bobby Leach Student Life Center is a large multi-purpose facility on the campus of Florida State University. It houses not only an elevated walking / running track, but also an Olympic size swimming pool stadium, large gymnasium, and other various athletic department. The exterior is brick and synthetic stucco and has not been cleaned in years. Soon FSU will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of this complex and and in preparation for the party they're having it cleaned. Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning had the honor and pleasure of undertaking this project, and we think the results.... Well let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words! This was a fairly technical cleaning job. The Dryvit exterior has sadly been neglected over the past quarter century. It is very delicate and a soft-wash cleaning method had to be used to prevent damage form occurring to the exterior. Of course, this is located on the main campus of Florida State University so student traffic is always a concern. Spray Wash had plenty of extra safety personnel on hand to prevent and accidental splashes or drips on the members of the public. When you have pressure washing, soft washing, or any exterior cleaning needs in Tallahassee Florida, think of Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning!
  7. Here is a video of how we protect the landscaping during a roof cleaning. We use plastic on a limited basis mostly for Jap Maple and Large bushes next to the house. I am also posting the links for the downspout runoff system for those interested. http://rainguardusa.com/downspout-extension-tubing/50ft-extension-tubing/rainguard-50ft-extension-tubing-green.html http://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/roofing-soffits-gutters/gutters/gutter-accessories/downspout-extension/p-1470143-c-5812.htm http://youtu.be/7OaQgfGh6Ag
  8. Dirty roof washed by Doug's Pressure Washing
  9. I have some friends who do softwash roof cleaning up in the Savannah Ga area. They go by the name of Chatham Property Services, and here is their website http://www.nationwidepropertymaintenance.com/softwash/ They have perfected the art of what is called Softwash Cleaning for roofs and exteriors. Here is some more info about them below. Roof Soft Washing Chatham Property Maintenance can safely clean your roof without damage. Since we started providing pressure washing services we noticed the need for safely cleaning roofs. So through extensive training, proprietary procedures and chemicals we have created a safe way to safely clean your roof using our exclusive Softwash System. Give Us A Visit (T)912-988-3832 (F)912-349-2414 Email: service@chathampropertymaintenance.com Chatham Property Maintenance, LLC. 5639 Ogeechee Rd. Savannah, GA. 31405
  10. I know this man personally, and he used this softwash system to clean roofs with. He decided to go full time into paver sealing. This is a great deal on a complete softwash system, and can be used for cleaning roofs and the softwashing of houses, etc, etc. Jon Chapman takes good care of his softwashing equipment, and is a well known person of Integrity. Jon Chapman Roof cleaning and softwash system setup for sale. Rigid compressor, Allflo air pump, titan reel w/150ft hose, 125gal and 35 gal tank. Roof anchor, harness. Allflo has dual or single inlet. compresser looks Rough but everything works. needs misc fittings. $750.00 obo Tampa Bay area or if coming to PWNA can bring it there. 727-432-2501
  11. Did a few jobs today... this one before and after is so good i had to show.... Gotta love it when a customer calls when they finally return home to just sing praises on the results.. they thought they needed a new roof, and are now amazed!!!
  12. Have you ever wondered what it is like to clean a composition roof at three stories above the ground? Watch this video and you will see and feel what it is like. Many more to come as the videos are edited. Note the trigger gun used is a 12 gpm SS Suttner ST2700 and has been used for 3 years with no problem. Many here have doubted that it would hold up. Well it has and will save you from using too much roof cleaning chemicals and it has a feather trigger. Yes it costs more than a PVC valve but it will save you time and money! http://youtu.be/SSNXilirFQs
  13. This roof in Portage, MI was cleaned using our non-pressure soft wash system. Kleen Roofs & Exteriors is a certified soft wash specialist that is the leading exterior cleaning company in West Michigan. We do not ever use a damaging power washer to clean roofs. If your roof has black streaks, moss or lichen on it, call us today to have it cleaned safely. 616-914-9064 or contact us by email at: kleen@inbox.com
  14. Pacific Roof Cleaning provides safe, certified, professional roof cleaning with guaranteed results. We clean clay and concrete tile, asphalt shingle, slate, metal and cedar shake. Many areas through out the Silicon Valley have a higher moisture/humidity level. This consistent moisture provides the perfect conditions for the Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma, the 'algae' responsible for the dark roof stains particularly visible on the north facet of roofs throughout the Bay Area. This bacteria retains even more moisture, allowing moss and lichen to grow and flourish. The ideal time to have your roof cleaned is before moss begins to take hold. Our "soft wash" process is the only cleaning process suggested by the roof manufacturers themselves including ARMA and GAF. Why you should trust "Pacific Roof Cleaning", * The only certified roof cleaning contractor in California * We do not use pressure to clean roofs as suggested by shingle manufacturers * We are a licensed and insured contractor with workers compensation on all employees * We are a certified NRCIA roof inspector and carry an A+ rating with the BBB * We have a proven track record of amazing results without damage to property including trees and plants * Our crews are uniformed, professional and conscientious * We have an extensive knowledge of the causes and proper solutions for dirty roofs * We are genuinely friendly and courteous For a roof that 'looks like new', contact us now for a free estimate.
  15. Get a Free Roof Cleaning Quote in New Jersey By Calling (732) 726-9261. Our friendly and knowledgable staff can usually get you a quote over the phone. Or visit our website at Thompson Roof Cleaning. We can remove roof moss, lichens, black staining, even chemical reaction stains like rust without using a pressure washer. Make sure your roof cleaning contractor is fully insured, including workers compensation insurance, because roof cleaning is dangerous work. Every full roof cleaning comes with hassle free 5 Year Spot Free Warranty. This warranty is in writing on every invoice. Roof cleaning services are provided for Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, Union, Essex, Bergen, Morris, Mercer, and Hunterdon Counties. Thompson Roof Cleaning is a Certified Roof Cleaning company in the State of New Jersey.
  16. well we are back in full swing.. had a few jobs today, and one of them was our first roof of the season.... Kinda like riding a bike... but boy it feels good to be back in the swing.... Now hopefully the rain stays away cause we are BOOKED solid!!! The customer was amazed... couldn't believe how fast it came clean we also soft washed the front of this home in southampton, PA as well as cleaning the gutters.
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