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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, RCIA Family! Spring is off to a great start....ooops, it is still Winter everywhere else. AODD pumps are not created equal. When you start off with great flow with the 1/2" All-Flo rated at 17 gpm at the pump wide open, one can gain greater distances. All-Flo’s best selling features are as follows: 1. Fewest Moving Air Valve Distribution System Parts which results in ease of repair, less repair time, less parts resulting in reduced labor costs, inventoried parts as well as associated costs of maintaining an inventory of spare parts. 2. Typically, Improved Performance – higher flow, greater suction lift and improved efficiency. Yamada and ARO 1/2" pumps rate at right around only 14 gpm. 3. Best warranty in the industry, support available 24/7 and priced at competitive prices. Pair this pump with 200-300' of Kuri Tec or Flex Tech RT using a minimum of 1/2" or even better 5/8" ID hose for the best distances and most efficient softwashing. Click here for Kuri Tec and Flex Tech RT hose 'A' rated for Softwashing chemical Here for the 17 gpm All-Flo Pump
  2. PWP is excited to offer the thickest, ultra-concentrated, super soapy sodium hypochlorite stable surfactant available called SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT FOR SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE. Slo Mo Surfactant is so thick that you will need less than HALF as much surfactant compared to what you have been using. PWP is offering a 5 gallon bucket for $65 plus shipping. Like the Hang Tite buckets, we box the buckets to save you an $8 handling charge by UPS. Click here to purchase PWP's 5 Gallons SLO MO SOFTWASH Surfactant for SH
  3. Pressure Washer Products is family owned company located in Clearwater, Florida and opened their doors in 1995. Rex was already working in the business for many years when he began his own business with his wife, Diane. Over the years, Rex attended nearly every pump school available to him. He's handled and repaired just about every single low and high pressure pump, including every single air diaphragm pump manufactured. Many years ago, customers began referring to him as 'The Pump Guru', for his ability to assist customers into magically repairing their pumps over the phone. He is a little reticent about the epithet but truly enjoys educating pump owners about how to repair their high or low pressure pumps, including air diaphragm pumps. He is a stickler in using the proper identifying nomenclature when teaching his students about pumps. Diane manages the office, takes calls and expeditiously handles many of the orders. Lori assists with softwash and pressure wash equipment orders and information. PWP continues to assemble rigs with the very best low and high pressure washer and water reclamation equipment and materials they can find. PWP always builds rigs keeping in mind that the equipment should be balanced, equipment should breathe and exhaust out correctly, equipment should be easily accessible on the job site and during transport and easy to maintain. PWP has assembled many thousands of custom truck and trailer rigs over the years that continue to produce work for their owners for many years after the expected lifetimes. Rex's custom truck and trailer rigs can be found in EVERY CONTINENT on this GLOBE and in EVERY STATE in the USA. Rex can completely metamorphose a delivery of metal and low and high pressure products into an incredible, custom truck/trailer rig unlike any other designed to out-perform all other rigs in its class. If you are looking for aluminum or stainless steel, no problem. You should consider the fight against Sodium Hypochlorite. The first chip on a powder coated steel anything on a rig exposed to SH is a losing battle. PWP has a combined record of close to a century of experience in these related industries and is confident and very proud of their level of expertise in the fields of air diaphragm pumps, high and low pressure pump systems, Softwash Systems, pressure washers repairs, water reclamation systems, hot water heaters, chemicals, small engine repair and surface cleaners. PWP's finished products are exceptional fabrications unlike anything on the market advertised as turn key. No two rigs are ever the same. Your rig will be the envy of your competition. If you need a 1", 1/2", or 3/8" Air Diaphragm System Set-up or a Pressure Washing Rig of any GPM to complement your Softwash System or even if you need a Water-Based or VOC-Based Paver Sealer Set-up with Hannay reels or Titan reels using a Closed system or whatever you need, PWP does it ALL to your specifications!! PWP crimps all high and low pressure hose ends in house and does not use hose clamps! You will not have to deal with rust in the future if you think ahead right now. PWP is an All-Flo dealer, Hannay, Titan, Pressure-Pro, Alkota, AaLadin, General Pump, Cat Pump..... and the list is endless.... Rex@PressureWasherProducts.com 800-519-9279 PWP Ships All Over the World If you don't see it, let PWP build it.
  4. ONE 17 gpm KYNAR/Santoprene All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump to Transfer Full Strength SH AND Softwash for $650 40-60' Vertical Reach Manufactured in Mentor Ohio USA 5 Year Warranty 5-10 average Lifespan with Everyday Use Use 1" Non-Collapsible Suction Hose Assemblies with crimped on hose ends plus Original Slotted PVC Filters for Sodium Hypochlorite mounted at the bottom of the tanks. You can save the cost of shipping a couple of pieces of 1" SCH 40 PVC pipe you can supply from the local hardware store to install into the tanks to connect the bulkheads to the Original Slotted PVC Filters for Sodium Hypochlorite at the bottom of the tanks. Install a camlock (only if you really absolutely need to) on one of the tanks to allow you to use the suction hose to transfer chemical up to your rig. Using too many camlocks or extra parts is only good for the supplier, not you. Do use a really good quality regulator like the AFREGS and make certain that the air is quite dry and clean. You must use a separate regulator to protect your AODD pump in the air line and not just rely on the compressor's regulator. We've seen too many blown air valves on brand new Yamada, Price, Sandpiper and ARO pumps recently. Installing a separate regulator is worth the extra $64.40 for the 1/2" pump and ~$90-120 for the 3/8"-1/2" regulator assemblies for the higher cfm pumps. For a transfer diagram, please see the link: https://www.pressurewasherproducts.com/all-flo-dual-tank-and-transfer-plumbing-diagram.html If you need detailed assistance finding parts or even finding a better deal on SH near you, just ask me! I'm happy to help you. I've helped thousands of guys lower their cost on finding SH. http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=Afke05 Protect the air valve on the pump by installing the Tsunami (purchased online) between the regulator and pump. https://www.pressurewasherproducts.com/all-flo-air-diaphragm-pump-filter-regulator-diagram.html
  5. Hello Fellow RCIA Members! Save some of you hard earned money..... Take a look at the tremendous value of 'The Original Cadillac of Air Diaphragm' pumps, the All-Flo air diaphragm pumps. We always suggest the flange style for those whom have ever had the misfortune of cross-threading a port. Using a flanged manifold will allow you to change out the damaged port if something happens rather than change out the entire manifold. We offer the 1" 41 gpm PVDF/Santoprene Diaphragms pump for $1244 1" 41 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump 1/2" 17 gpm $650 1/2" 17 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump 3/8" 9 gpm $415 3/8" 9 gpm All-Flo Air Diaphragm Pump
  6. Hello RCIA! For those of you whom use the 12 volt pumps and have guttered homes and buildings, we are offering a Delavan Pump sale! For a limited time, the FB2 or Fatboy 7870-101Y is $175. Buy it here This is the new and improved 7 gpm 12Volt pump up to 100 psi. This is the most popular pump for Softwashing high pitch roofs with gutters besides the AODD pumps! 5850-104E is $145 5 gpm 110 volt On Demand Pump Buy it here 5850-201E is $115 5 gpm 12 Volt 60 psi On Demand Pump*****2nd Most Popular for Softwashing Buy it here 7870-101E is $175 7 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt On Demand (Formerly known as the Fatboy) Buy it here 7812-101E is $60 2 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt On Demand Pump great for apply sealer Buy it here 5850-111E is $115 5 gpm 60 psi 12 Volt BYPASS pump Buy it here Remember to pick up an 'Original Suction Hose Assembly with Slotted Tank Filter (AG16TF08-D) Buy the Original Slotted SH Filter Here How to Install and Plumb a 12 Volt Softwash Pump by Pressure Washer Products and Rex, The Pump Guru
  7. For those of you whom need the greatest distance from your softwash hose and pump, try out our Grey SCH 80 PVC Corrosion Resistant Ball Valve with special seals assembly. We assemble the applicator, soft virgin poly bushing and General Pump brand QC with Rectorseal T Plus 2 instead of the problem causing teflon tape. 1/2" Chemical Applicator Assembly 3/4" Chemical Applicator Assembly
  8. Hello RCIA! I thought I would post a quick pic of a custom softwash rig. This rig is compact. I apologize that I do not have more pictures. The customer drove to us and installed the equipment himself under the direction of our In House Pump Guru, Rex! The new softwasher chose a 1/2" 17 gpm All-Flo air diaphragm pump, 200' of 1/2" Flex Tech RT with crimped on hose ends stored on a full frame Titan hose reel, a crimped, non-collapsible suction hose assembly with a sleeve and slotted filter, crimped and cut to custom length jump hose to the reel from the pump, a very high quality SH gun with an assortment of nozzles for various applications. He has an 8 gpm 3500 psi cold pressure washer to use for rinsing after softwashing using large orifice nozzles,surface cleaning and of course, pressure washing. The tanks are 325 gallons and 125 gallons horizontal leg tanks secured by crimped coated stainless steel cable. The compressor is a BE air compressor. I apologize for not providing more pictures. I have many thousands of pics of custom rigs and am open to suggestions on setting up a gallery. Exciting Side Note!!!!! Thanks to our incredible customers, we have if been growing and are moving to a new location in Clearwater very shortly. Stay tuned for the official announcement!
  9. SLOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOO Softwash Surfactant...... Need I say more? Most of you know that we're not big on ramming products down your throats or blasting you with emails. This SH stable Softwash surfactant is revolutionizing cleaning for those whom have tried it! It is CHEAPER than Gain or Dawn or any of the others that have copied our Hang Tite. Use 1/4 the amount compared to ALL of the surfactants out there. Just try it! Warning: Don't use too much. This stuff is soapy and SUPER THICK! Buy Slooooooo Mooooooo Softwash Surfactant Here
  10. Hello RCIA Family! We have some Titan Full Frame Aluminum Hose Reels with Stainless Steel Manifolds on special. These reels will last a decade or more if you rinse. Like anything, the better you care for it the longer it will last. These reels will hold 450' of 3/8" ID hose, 325' of 1/2" ID hose and 225' of 5/8" hose. They have the 1/2" Super Swivels with grease-able zerk fittings instead of the stock Titan swivels. The cost is $305 each for the 4318S-SS. We also have a reel gathering dust that has a 1" black iron manifold (not suitable for corrosive chemcials) which is ideal for those needing a high flow water supply reel. It is an 18" Aluminum Full Frame hose reel with a 1" Super Swivel featuring a grease-able zerk fitting and 1" manifold (4018-6). The cost on the reel is $355. This is an ideal reel for a 1" water supply hose for guys needing to fill a tank fast, for rinse hose storage, for guys using a 1" AODD pump and for 8 gpm and up pressure washer users. If you are interested in these reels or in other models at RCIA discounted, non-advertised prices, give me a call or email me directly. Our number is (800) 519-9279 or (727) 562-5488 and email me at Lori@PressureWasherProducts.com If I can figure out how to make a coupon code, I will list it on the site for my RCIA buddies! Make sure you order a street 45 in brass for low pressure or steel for high pressure to install on the drum of the reel so that the hose doesn't stick out at the connection. I will also make up low pressure jump hoses with crimped on hose ends in 316 Stainless Steel, SCH 80 Grey PVC, or brass in lengths up to 30 feet for the cost of $10 each! Choose from Yellow Ag hose, Flex Tech RT and Kuri Tec hose rated "A" for use with softwash chemicals. If you need a different reel, we are Hannay Dealers! Yes, we can hook you up with another American Made hose reel by Hannay or Titan! Note: Pressure Washer Outlet on unloader should ALWAYS be a plug and NOT the coupler PWP Titan Hose Reel Guide.pdf Reel Dimensions.pdf Reel Parts Lists.pdf
  11. Hello Fellow Premium RCIA Members!! My name is Lori with Pressure Washer Products or http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/. We are family owned company located in Florida and have been in business since 1995. We offer 24/7 technical assistance over the phone with Rex, The Pump Guru, at (727) 424-6600 (Don't leave a message, Call back). We take pride in specializing and offering the best softwash systems and components available on the market today. We offer All Flo Air Diaphragm Pumps, Delavan 12 Volt/110 on Demand Pumps, Everflo 12 Volt Pumps, Kuri Tec Chemical application hose in your choice of lengths and inner diameters with crimped on ends (no hose clamps), Spiralite Yellow Ag Chemical hose, suction hose assemblies with SH resistant slotted pipe filters and crimped on hose barb, Titan Hose Reels, Hang Tite surfactant, plumbing diagrams, and much more! We have zeroed in on your needs and carry the best! We carry 316 SS hose barbs for your hose as well as a full selection of SCH 80/40 PVC hose barbs, SCH 80/40 PVC ball valves and fittings. We recognize your unique needs worldwide and offer you our support. We can build a complete rig for you to pick up at our location, build a softwash system for delivery or provide you with the components to assemble the system yourself at a considerable savings. I am familiar with SH pricing worldwide and will teach you how to find it at a better price if interested. It is all in how you look for it and ask for it. We are a company interested in offering you valuable products and services. We wish to thank all of those whom continue to support PWP through referrals and shopping. We are re-lauching our website in a new, much more simplified version. We are about halfway through the process as we continue to update the new site. In the meanwhile, if you do not see what you need, call us at (800) 519-9279 or email lori@pressurewasherproducts.com. Thank you for having us! We look forward to meeting many of the new faces. Lori ALL-FLO SINGLE_TANK.pdf
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