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Found 9 results

  1. Dirty roof? Why spend $5000-$20,000 replacing your roof before it's time is up? A typical asphalt roof in the Walpole New Hampshire area should last from 20-35 years. I have seen lots of roofs 8-10-15 years old that are covered with GM (Gloeocapsa Magma-Black streaks) Moss, Lichen and or Rust stains that are being replaced needlessly costing New Hampshire home owners thousands of dollars. We use the industry's only cleaning method approved by the ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers Association) which are the asphalt shingle manufacturers of North America. Non pressure cleaning leaves your roof & exterior surface Damage Free!! NEVER USE OR HIRE A CONTRACTOR TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF WITH A PRESSURE WASHER. A PRESSURE WASHER WILL DAMAGE YOUR ROOF RESULTING IN HUGE REPLACEMENT COSTS!!! With your roof in Walpole New Hampshire being one of the most expensive structures of your home, it makes sense to maintain it as best as you can. Hiring a professional New Hampshire roof cleaning contractor will save you thousands of dollars on premature roof replacements. We also clean and revitalize Slate roofs, Metal roofs, siding, decks, patios, cement, fencing in Walpole as well. Please visit our web site www.streakyroof.com and view our gallery to see what kind of difference we can make on your home. Cleaning completed During treatment During treatment
  2. More and more Sussex County, New Jersey residents are looking for ways to improve the value of their single biggest investment, which is the home they live in. One critical aspect of any home is the roof. Keeping the roof free and clear of black algae, moss and lichen will provide many benefits in the long run. Those benefits will include extending the life of the roof, increased curb appeal, lower utility costs and eliminating health concerns due to the algae. Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning will assist you in achieving those benefits. We provide non-pressure roof cleaning services to all communities within Sussex County, NJ. With proven and industry accepted methods we have provided safe soltions, with same day results, to homeowners since 2007. Our fully trained and insured uniformed staff can provide you with a free consultation followed by a written no obligation quote. Contact us at your convenience for all your roof and exterior cleaning needs. We are conveniently located in Delaware Water Gap, PA. Please visit our website (www.poconoroofclean.com) for additional information or we can be reached at 570-994-6918.
  3. We had a customer in Tampa call us last week 8-23-2013, and ask us if all we clean is big expensive homes, with tile roofs! She was looking for non pressure roof cleaners in the Tampa FL area, who would be willing to clean her home in Carrollwood, that has a shingle (not tile) roof. Her mother lives in the Reserve at Tampa Palms, and she told us that we are well known as the best roof cleaners, by her Mother, and all her Mothers wealthy friends. I got quite a good hearted chuckle out of all this, and I explained to her that we will clean any roof, shingle, metal, or tile, no matter how big or how small the house might be. And I assured her that every job we do is important to us. In fact, I let her Google Map my home, to show her that I do not live in a million dollar house, with a huge tile roof. Though we feel we are by far the busiest and the best roof cleaners in Tampa, the business we are in just does not financially allow us to live in the Reserve at Tampa Palms, Cheval, or Avila either! But I love what I do, and I meet a lot of really nice people cleaning their shingle and tile roofs. In fact, this lady works for the Tampa Bay Rays, and she is getting us 4 tickets to go see them for free, so being a roof cleaner who does a great job has it's benefits! This job came out really nice. You can see she is nearly right underneath trees, and the shade from the trees, combined with the heat and humidity here in Tampa, make an ideal place for the mold, mildew, and algae to grow on her roof.
  4. Are you tired of searching the internet for the correct way to start a roof cleaning business? Well consider your search complete! Certified SoftWash Systems, LLC offers the ONLY Turnkey Roof Cleaning Package that is recommended by the roofing material manufacturers. This turnkey opportunity will give you all the tools necessary to get your roof cleaning business off the ground in 8 weeks or less. Our package includes: The Industry-Exclusive Certified SoftWash System (CSS_006) A Brand New 2013 Ford F-250 complete with a vinyl wrap. The credibility of an established Brand & Image. Marketing Materials & Techniques proven to be the most effective. 50 Start-Up Lawn Signs 500 EDDM Post Cards 2500 4 x 6 Post Cards An exclusive web listing for every zip code and county that you service. ​Social Media Listings on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ A local telephone number that is hosted by our advanced VoIP PBX. A company E-Mail Address (your.name@uglyshingles.com) On-Site Training 24 Hour Support You will also get to choose a service area of your choice with a total population of < 250,000. This Total Turnkey Package is: $49,995.00. What are you waiting for? Don't Let this great opportunity "wash away"!
  5. Pacific Roof Cleaning provides safe, certified, professional roof cleaning with guaranteed results. We clean clay and concrete tile, asphalt shingle, slate, metal and cedar shake. Many areas through out the Silicon Valley have a higher moisture/humidity level. This consistent moisture provides the perfect conditions for the Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma, the 'algae' responsible for the dark roof stains particularly visible on the north facet of roofs throughout the Bay Area. This bacteria retains even more moisture, allowing moss and lichen to grow and flourish. The ideal time to have your roof cleaned is before moss begins to take hold. Our "soft wash" process is the only cleaning process suggested by the roof manufacturers themselves including ARMA and GAF. Why you should trust "Pacific Roof Cleaning", * The only certified roof cleaning contractor in California * We do not use pressure to clean roofs as suggested by shingle manufacturers * We are a licensed and insured contractor with workers compensation on all employees * We are a certified NRCIA roof inspector and carry an A+ rating with the BBB * We have a proven track record of amazing results without damage to property including trees and plants * Our crews are uniformed, professional and conscientious * We have an extensive knowledge of the causes and proper solutions for dirty roofs * We are genuinely friendly and courteous For a roof that 'looks like new', contact us now for a free estimate.
  6. This non pressure roof cleaning was completed today in New Freedom, PA by Roof Cleaning by A&E. The homeowners were looking to clean their home's roof to remove black streaks and stains caused by algae. We were able to clean the roof using a non pressure roof cleaning method that is safe and effective with an affordable cost. In addition, to the roof cleaning, we also washed this home using a soft wash method on the vinyl siding. Call us today for all of your commercial and residential exterior cleaning needs. (717) 324-4208 www.roofcleaningpa.com Services we offer: Non Pressure Roof Cleaning House Washing/Soft Washing Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Clean Out Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Rust Stain Removal Graffiti Removal
  7. I have been licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989. We have been a father and son business, since 1994. You will not get any new guys in training with us! Below is a 2 minute video where you can watch a large portion of this blackened tile roof come clean before your eyes, with us using the Roofing Manufacturers specified Cleaning Method. This Non-Pressure method is the only method suggested by the largest roof cleaning organization in the world, the RCIA. http://www.tubechop.com/watch/474113 I am a "CERTIFIED" Roof Cleaner and Instructor at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America. http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/f523639/roof-cleaning-englewood-fl/ See some of our Before / During / & / After work here- http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o126/5282jt/ BBB News Report Video, shows ratings can be bought at BBB. I DON'T PAY TO BELONG TO THE BBB, SO MY A+ IS REAL! http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/business-bureau-best-ratings-money-buy/story?id=12123843 Most homeowners are unaware, that the roofing manufacturers specify exact cleaning methods and chemicals, that may be used on their products, without voiding their warranties.They all say "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH" Left uncleaned, or blasted clean with a pressure washer, a roofs life expectancy can be reduced by over 50% leading roof replacement as the only option. To read quotes from a number of roofing manufacturers and have the ability to actually click on the roofing manufacturers links and read those same words on their websites and technical bulletins, please visit my website and click on "Manufacturer Specifics" {It's on the blue line toward the right} http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/ 941-698-1959 -Cape Haze, Rotonda, Port Charlotte 941-474-8883 -Englewood, Venice
  8. I went to a recent home show to scope out some competition and to get ideas for my own both next year. I have gone to 4 different home shows and garden shows. These shows are loaded with PW company's and hardly any roof cleaner. I sat back and watches and listened as people asked question after question. And just as i thought i had heard all the used car salesman lines, I heard this one. This company uses a special formulated rising mixture and it is PH boosted. I also heard the company bad mouth roof cleaners that don't rinse roofs and let mother nature rinse it. Wow...
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