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Found 705 results

  1. From the album: Doug's Pressure Washing

    No more ugly streaks on this roof
  2. From the album: Doug's Pressure Washing

    Roof with black streaks on it
  3. From the album: Doug's Pressure Washing

    Customers roof wasnt to bad we cleaned the whole roof now he has the cleanest one the block.
  4. Kleen Roofs cleaned this roof to remove the black streaks and the lichen that was starting to grow on the shingles covered with the algae. Kleen Roofs uses only non-pressure soft wash methods to clean roofs. No pressure washer is ever used on a roof.
  5. Adding Curb Appeal Can Sell Your Home Faster In a slow real estate market, a person can generally sell their home quicker by dropping their asking price. In a market where supply is greater than demand, a desperate seller may see a lower price as their only option to shorten their home’s time on the market. There are however, other things that a seller can do that will help boost their home’s appeal to potential buyers. Some things can be done without costing any money while others may cost a few bucks. In the long run, a few well-spent dollars can end up saving you thousands when you are not forced to drop your asking price in order to make a sale. Some things you can do that can potentially make your home more sellable aren’t done in or around your home. Your realtor can help add some ways to make your home more attractive to buyers. Sellers can often be enticed by things like money towards their closing costs or even entirely covering the closing costs as a way to sweeten the deal in a down market. Other things that can help motivate a buyer include a home warranty or an option to close the sale within 30-60 days. These types of incentives can make you home even more attractive. http://www.libertysoftwash.com/blog/adding-curb-appeal-can-sell-your-home-faster/ A seller may sometimes overlook or under prioritize the value of curb appeal The very first thing a potential buyer will see is what the home looks like from the outside. A home that doesn’t look appealing from the curb may be overlooked based on nothing other than it’s exterior appearance. Things like planting flowers, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or adding a new mailbox are inexpensive ways improve your home’s appearance at first glance. Some would argue that curb appeal is everything and your first impression often sets your expectations on the rest of the home. Another way to increase your home’s curb appeal is by cleaning your home’s exterior. Dirty sidewalks, siding, patios or decks can be an instant turn off for potential buyers. The standard of cleanliness you maintain on your home’s exterior is often measured against your home’s interior cleanliness, when being viewed by potential buyers. A dirty roof may also set off a false alarm telling buyers a roof needs to be replaced and will cost thousands of dollars. Having your roof professionally cleaned will only cost a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Removing roof algae will dramatically improve curb appeal and eliminate the threat of losing a buyer because of an unsightly roof. Liberty SoftWash is an excellent choice when considering hiring a pressure washing contractor in Lancaster Pennsylvania and surrounding area Our exterior cleaning services are just what you need to add some curb appeal to your home. Cleaning your roof or pressure washing your siding is an affordable way to spruce up your home before you contact your real estate agent to list your home. Call today to discuss your roof cleaning or pressure washing needs. (717) 578-5342
  6. Spring is finally here in Central Pennsylvania despite the unseasonable cold temperatures we are still dealing with. According to the experts, it could be a particularly difficult season for allergy and asthma sufferers. Over 40 million Americans who are used to dealing with spring allergies know that the end of March means the start of runny noses, watery eyes and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms In recent years, we have seen milder winters, which meant the early arrival of both pollen and spring allergies. Because we have had a much longer and colder winter, allergy season may start later and end sooner but, could pack quite a punch to the allergy sufferers in Central Pennsylvania while it is here. Oftentimes, the only way for an allergy sufferer to get some relief this time of year is to stock up on allergy pills and nasal sprays in an effort to minimize the suffering. Asthma sufferers are worse off than the average seasonal allergic person. Because it is typically the early spring that is the worst for asthma, doctors recommend asthmatics begin using their prescribed medications well before spring and spring allergy season begins. For those seasonal allergy sufferers who are not given relief from over-the-counter drugs, it may be necessary to take different measures. Newly available medications including immunotherapy pills work in the same manner as allergy shots have in the past. But there are precautions that can be taken to help ease the impending suffering of a person with springtime allergies in addition to whatever type of medications you would use to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies. The savvy asthmatic or allergy sufferer will find it helpful to keep track of local pollen counts, which can be found online or by checking your local weather forecast. By keeping track of the pollen counts, it may make it easier to avoid outdoor activities. If it is still necessary to spend time outdoors, it may be most comfortable for allergy or asthmas to do so in the afternoon. Generally, the counts tend to highest between 5AM and 10AM and at their lowest right after a heavy rainfall. But also know that pollen can blow as much as 50 miles, making very difficult to escape! Another way to lessen the suffering from seasonal allergies is to try to keep pollen out of your home environment. Coats, jackets, shoes and hats should be taken off immediately upon entry to your home so help prevent contaminating other parts of your home with pollen that was carried into your “pollen free†living environment. Showering before bedtime to remove any residual pollen is also a necessary step to prevent transfer of pollen to your bedding. Cleaning your home’s exterior is yet another way to keep nasty pollutants such as pollen or algae from triggering allergic reactions. Regular cleaning of your home’s exterior including sidewalks, driveways, decks and other surfaces will help wash away the pollen, algae and other pollutants that cause springtime seasonal allergies. Liberty SoftWash, located in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKkhCFutRVA, is a great choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. Some of the services we provide include: pressure washing, soft wash roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning and more. Call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash for your exterior cleaning needs in Central Pennsylvania. (717) 578-5342
  7. Our low pressure soft wash roof cleaning process produces instant results. You will see your roof’s ugly appearance change almost immediately and at a small fraction of the cost of replacement. Considering selling your home? Having a dirty roof cleaned prior to putting a home on the market will help increase the resale value of a home by adding instant curb appeal. Liberty SoftWash can rid you of your ugly roof problem in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. The process we use when cleaning all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, slate tiles, cedar shake, metal and tile roofs, is called soft washing. The soft wash process utilizes a low pressure cleaning solution application which will remove the black streaks, algae, lichen and moss from your roof. The soft wash cleaning process is the recommended roof cleaning technique for cleaning asphalt shingled roofs. With every whole roof cleaning, we offer a 5 year streak free warranty.
  8. Why would you worry about cleaning your roof? We've all seen it on trees and rocks those round plant things, green moss,and blackness, but what are they and why should you care if they’re on your roof? They don’t seem to hurt the rocks or trees so who cares if they grow on my roof. Well not only do they make your home look dreary and dirty but actually they are feeding off one of your biggest investments, your roof. A roof left with all these organisms actively growing is constantly deteriorating and will eventually cause a leak in the roof. Due to the potential for roof leaks many Homeowners Insurance Co. are now forcing their clients to have the roof cleaned or immediately replaced. Most clients have it cleaned. Lets face it the last thing anybody needs is another bill, but given the benefits of having your roof cleaned it just makes sense. Some of the benefits are; Instant curb appeal- don't be the neglected house in the neighborhood. Instant increased value- if your thinking of selling nobody is gonna buy your nasty roof. Your health- do you think breathing in that mold and bacteria is good for you? Save on heating/cooling bills- those organisms hold heat and moisture causing your heating/cooling bills to be higher. Common sense- spend a little now on cleaning and put off spending alot on premature replacement. The benefits go on and on. To take immediate advantage of the many benefits do what most people do and call Sussex County Roof Cleaning now. Sussex County Roof Cleaning No Pressure=No Damage 973-948-2700 www.sussexcountyroofcleaning.com
  9. Here's yet another asphalt shingle roof cleaning from our Jacksonville, Florida roof cleaning company. This customer is a referral who is actually in St. Augustine, which we don't mind travelling a little bit for. This asphalt shingle roof had never been cleaned, and was about 10 years old. Being a light colored roof, it looked pretty terrible before we got to it. One funny thing about roof cleaning. If you don't take before and after pics, the homeowner will often think there wasn't much change at all. Heck, we even forget how bad a roof looked before we did our roof cleaning sometimes. This was done on a cool 50-55F degree day, so it took a little more dwell time to get it just right. The reason we get these referrals is because we do great work. We take extra time to protect our customers landscaping and property. We use the best cleaners, a stringent process, and pay close attention to detail. Our customers know that when hiring Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC to clean their home or business, they are getting the best roof cleaning company in Jacksonville, Florida. Look at what a difference a short few hour visit from our company can make for your home. Want to get your home or business looking its best for spring and summer? Call us today for all of your Jacksonville, FL roof cleaning needs at 904-304-0810 or visit our roof cleaning Jacksonville page.
  10. We are Greenville North Carolina's choice Roof Cleaning Company. Why? 1. How about, Results! 2. We offer a soft wash non pressure roof cleaning method - this is the method used by the top rated roof cleaning companies in the Country. Your roof does need to be cleaned, but high pressure does worse damage than the fungus that grows on it! Our soft wash process is the only process recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) for extending the life of shingles. 3. We specialize in home value maintenance. - We are more than a roof cleaning company, more than a pressure washing company, we are yiour complete home value maintenance company. In other words, we can help you get the full asking price for your home. A routine roof cleaning and house washing will keep your house looking flawless, resulting in a clean, long lasting, valuable home that sells when you want it to. 4. Affordability - Born and raised in the area, I know the market here. We're not out to break the bank. We are here however to offer you reasonable pricing with high quality professional results. Now, I'll be the first to tell you, we won't be the cheapest cleaners out there, we leave that to the guys who will get on top of your roof and ruin it through inexperienced techniques and no insurance policies! But we will be the best for the best price, guaranteed! 5. Local - Probably my favorite. We are no fly-by-night roof cleaning company. We are here to stay. You can find us anytime you need us. No more having a service provider that gets their check and then you never here from them again. We offer a privately owned and operated local roof cleaning service for Greenville North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Call us anytime, we're in your area! 6. Licensed and Insured - As I stated before, we are professionals. We pay our taxes and we cover you in the unlikely event of an accident. We're here to increase and protect the value of your home, not the opposite! If you are the type of person that doesn't trust something until you see it, trust us with our $2,000,000 up-to-date certificate of insurance that we'll send you right now upon request! And that's just 6 reasons... The list goes on. Let us add value to your home. If you have a nasty roof i.e. black streaks, algae, moss, lichen mold or mildew on your roof, give us a call, like, TODAY! Don't let another day go by with that stuff destroying your shingles and risking a premature roof replacement that will cost you thousands. Let us give you a detailed roof inspection and a professional cost analysis today. Your Greenville Roof Cleaner, Josh Brown Clean Pro Exteriors 252-314-8284 wjbrown1986@gmail.com See Our Videos and Photos done in your area: http://www.cleanproexteriors.com/roof-cleaning/ Proudly serving Greenville NC with your roof cleaning and exterior cleaning needs.
  11. Another Extreme Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal. Single Family home overlooking the Harbor in Bellingham, WA. Severely neglected by the previous owner, the new owners needed to have it done to get insurance. It started out like this... And Ended up like this... This has so much tree debris it had turned into soil up above. The moss came off in sheets like sod with dirt underneath. The view from afterwards was much improved... Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning is a Bellingham WA specializing in Asphalt and Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and maintenance. Licensed, bonded and insured, we use only ARMA and Cedar Institute approved methods and products. No pressure washing, scraping or ugly powders are ever used. Contact us at 360-831-9494 to inquire. Servicing Bellingham to the Greater Seattle area.
  12. Dirty roof? Why spend $5000-$20,000 replacing your roof before it's time is up? A typical asphalt roof should last from 20-35 years. I have seen lots of roofs 8-10-15 years old that are covered with GM (Gloeocapsa Magma-Black streaks) Moss, Lichen and or Rust stains that are being replaced needlessly costing home owners thousands of dollars. We use the industry's only cleaning method approved by the ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers Association) which are the asphalt shingle manufacturers of North America. Non pressure cleaning leaves your roof & exterior surface Damage Free!! NEVER USE OR HIRE A CONTRACTOR TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF WITH A PRESSURE WASHER. A PRESSURE WASHER WILL DAMAGE YOUR ROOF RESULTING IN HUGE REPLACEMENT COSTS!!! With your roof being one of the most expensive structures of your home, it makes sense to maintain it as best as you can. Hiring a professional roof cleaning contractor will save you thousands of dollars on premature roof replacements. We also clean and revitalize Slate roofs, Metal roofs, siding, decks, patios, cement, fencing. Please visit our web site www.streakyroof.com and view our gallery to see what kind of difference we can make on your home.
  13. Ok, So this is my second roof this month where the black on the roof is like paint. Its driving me nuts. 4 coats and the roof is still spotted. I use 10 % from SCP . I did 30 of SH and and 60 H2O. It laughed at my mix.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br9A3vH_Be0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X29tFkVO-Gc
  15. Roof Moss Removal in Maple Ridge British Columbia FREE ESTIMATES 604-831-1791 Proprietary Solutions Keeps the Moss away for longer.
  16. From the album: Erie, PA Roof Cleaners

    Brink Roofing - This is a picture showing the results of a roof cleaning that we did...before we did the sides. It shows what a huge difference the cleaning makes!

    © Brink Roofing

  17. HOW TO CLEAN BLACK STREAKS AND ALGAE FROM YOUR ROOF DOING IT YOURSELF MAY SAVE YOU MONEY, BUT IT COULD TAKE YOU DAYS AND PRESENT SAFETY ISSUES Sometimes the correct answer to a home project is to hire a professional that has the proper training, expertise and possibly most importantly, the correct equipment to get the job done in a timely fashion and without injury to yourself. That ugly looking roof is not only an eye sore, but the algae that is causing your roof to look dirty and in need of replacement could actually be costing you money. Reports have stated that algae can feed off the limestone in your shingles. When this happens it can cause your shingles to deteriorate much faster than normal which will result in a costly repair or even more costly replacement. If you choose to tackle this yourself without the proper equipment you likely will have to get on your roof. If you have a fear of heights this will be your first reason to not try this roof cleaning project yourself. Do not use a high-pressure washer to clean your roof as it could cause extreme damage to your shingles and do far more harm than good. This method is not recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) or GAF shingle manufacturer. Even a do it yourselfer website has implied that hiring a professional may be the best way to complete this project on their website in an article entitled “Cleaning Shingles: Removing Dark Streaks†– they state that “It may be possible to hire a professional to do this job†With these precautions in mind, here are some tips on cleaning your roof yourself. You should wear protective gear to prevent the cleaning solution from contacting your skin, eyes or mouth. Rinse properly if this occurs. Also note that old clothing should be worn. A very large container is needed to mix the solution. If your roof is 30-40 squares you will need approximately 40-50 gallons of solution. Most homeowners don’t have a tank that large, which means that mixing the solution in smaller containers, such as gallon or five gallons buckets, will be necessary and very time consuming. Which brings into question, how will you transport those containers to the roof for application? Note: The do it yourself website is recommending pool shock as the cleaning solution (which is not our preferred solution). The solution must be poured or sprayed onto the shingles. If a utility type sprayer (such as a garden sprayer) is used or if you choose to climb on the roof and pour the solution out of the bucket, either way you will have to get on the roof. Extra precaution is needed for steep pitch roofs. Caution: roofs are extremely slippery when wet. Using this method will require many hours to complete this project. Depending on the size and pitch of your roof this could be a backbreaking task and once you have started you will discover that it’s harder than you thought. Fatigue will come into play, which may stretch this project into days. While cleaning your roof yourself, extreme caution is advised while going up and down your ladder as it may have become wet with solution. Ladder rungs are very slippery when wet. If you choose to use pool shock remember that rinsing the roof once you have finished is a good idea. Calcium Hypochlorite (pool shock) will leave a residue. Spray plants and foliage with plenty of water before and after the treatment. Liberally spraying the plants with fresh water will help to protect them from any run off or spray and in most cases this will protect your plants and no harm will occur. After your do it yourself roof cleaning project is finished you will need to clean all tools that you have used. Without thorough cleaning of your equipment you may notice corrosion within a short period of time. If you choose to tackle this do it yourself roof cleaning project please use extreme caution. Carrying heavy buckets or large containers of solution up a ladder can be dangerous for anyone, but especially when you only climb on the roof once every couple of years. It is possible to save money by not going to a dentist and pull your own tooth, however most people choose to go to the dentist because he has the know how and the equipment – and maybe more important he has the Novocain. Let SRC Roof Cleaning Division provide you with the know how and equipment to clean those ugly black streaks off your roof – no Novocain required. We can improve your curb appeal and increase your property value by professionally cleaning your dirty roof. It will cost a little more than doing it yourself, but just like getting your tooth pulled by a dentist – it will be a lot less painful. Contact SRC Roof Cleaning Division today 937-847-8366
  18. This one came out nice. Before was taken in the fall and the after in the spring when I cleaned it.
  19. This is a cedar roof cleaning we did in Bloomington, Minnesota. For all your cedar cleaning needs in Minnesota contact Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning. www.cedarshakesroofcleaning.com
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