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  1. Going to film some videos over the course of the season... What video's are people interested in? Lifts-truck builds- different pumps-pro portioner-air vs 12v? Comment below and ill keep a list of whats popular
  2. I have the Mariner Drone 2.. Almost identical to the phantom however its fully submersible!!! all i can say is, ITS AWESOME, who doesnt want to film underwater
  3. better hurry up just ordered about 10K worth of new upgrades and parts for all the rigs next year.. wanted to see whats up your sleeve before I replace all of our pumps
  4. is this a big enough roof for 12v? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EY73AhX0Rk
  5. we ditched the air setup because for one its noisy, you have the pump clicking non stop when using it, and the compressor running. you have the gas in the compressor and oil changes as well.. Also, lets say your spraying the roof, come down the ladder and the homeowner is wanting to chat, you can set the 12v hose down and talk, where as the compressor will just keep running in the background.. There was no real benefit for us using a air pump over 12v... If your doing 4, 6,000 sq ft roofs a week the only thing you will be complain about it how many trips to the bank you will have to take. Never will you be saying oh I wish I could shoot 25 gallons a min of mix onto the roof and flood it out... Sure, rinsing for moss with that pump would be great, but you may not have moss?
  6. who ever said you can't do 2 story homes with a fatboy or similar higher flow 12v pumps are wrong... My company has been around a long time as far as the roof cleaning world goes.. We have done 4 stories no problem with them... We have the skid from pressure tek, the skid from powerwash store, and had an air setup which we no longer use... The 12v's burn out when you don't rinse them at the end of the day.. We rinse them between jobs... They run every day and last a season no problem. Have one pump that is just over 3 years, and a transfer that pumps pure SH that is now 4 years old, but its always rinsed.. You can't carry more than 119 gallons of SH/ SH mix for DOT reasons. Unless you just want to chance it...
  7. ill take a look and see, Im content with our setups now ( and if the guys dont like how far they shoot they can add a lance or walk further up the roof!!) But im always up for playing with new things!
  8. The Dayton pump doesn't need to be returned to the tank I believe, you can also add it inline at your home to increase pressure to bathtubs/sinks etc to boost pressure.. The pressure they are getting from them looks great- Check out Ray Burke's Videos on youtube... I don't have a pressure gauge on the fatboy 2's, however I have turned the screw up about a turn and a half on the bottom and it hasn't blown up yet... I forgot I also have a versamatic air pump new in the box that I haven't tried yet either.. Ill make a review later Again, this is just my 2 cents from experience... I'm up for trying any pump that anyone suggests and will make video's/give opinion on all the specs so that everyone can see how they all operate (when I catch up and get some free time!)
  9. it was comparable to the original fatboy I only used it once now i have it as a backup transfer pump- The ones I run now are the fatboy 2's at 100psi. The air system was great for when the reliability of the 12v's wasn't very good and no accumulator was available, but now the "allflow" is comparable to the fatboy 2's. Obviously if you go to a larger 1" pump you will have more volume=more distance. The fatboy original is going on over 4 years now- gets periodic use 5850 transfer does straight 12.5% every day and is now 4 years old. fatboy 2's are 2 years old and never had to switch over to the backup pump and they are used everyday Allflow lasted a year of everyday use- didn't like the pulsing with the air- the compressor noise or the clicking the pump made. Electric is easy, if you have to set it down for an hour and do something else its off, not running in the truck All pumps are flushed out with 5 gallons of water The next setup we will try is the electric booster pump some of the guys are running for applying roof mix ( they last about 6 months) and are getting great distance out of them
  10. ive used them all and im back to the fatboy 2 pump... Tried the fatboy original the NT 7.0 pump the all flow and now back to running 2 dual pump systems and one stand alone fatboy... The air has really been hyped up on the forums..
  11. were you out of the Roof Cleaning business for a bit? Or just off the net for awhile?
  12. everyone should tell you to run, as Ted will im sure... The sh eats them up, and you cant access the whole roof.. Look into a jlg or biljax towable lift and you will thank me 10x over.. Especially with an articulating boom
  13. Rehoboth Roof Cleaning Services - 443-880-7011 Rehoboht Beach Delaware roof cleaning services brought to you by the professionals at Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning! When your looking for a company that knows low pressure roof cleaning, and the correct way to accomplish that, look no further! At this point, your roof is either covered in black streaks or it is starting to develop green moss growth! Your roof can be cleaned and restored to a "like new" condition for only a fraction of the cost! With our low pressure roof cleaning solutions, you can rest easy knowing that no damage will be done to your roof, or siding for that matter. For a same day quote, please give us a call or request more info by clicking this link and filling out our secure contact form! Rehoboth Roof Cleaning 443-880-7011
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